Commercial Painters London - Finding Services That Consistently Deliver High Quality Results

Commercial painters London based services are not that different to the services provided by painting companies that deal with domestic projects. After all, both do the same thing: coating wall and ceilings with paint, right? Wrong. While superficially, the jobs seem similar and indeed some businesses offer both services, there is a world of difference between them.

Commercial painters London based services need to cope with many more materials and surfaces than the average residential painter. While they must be familiar with the typical surfaces found in a domestic setting such as woodwork and plaster, for commercial projects, they also need experience of other material such as stucco, metal and concrete. This is not the only difference. With the larger spaces and the complexities involved in commercial painting, teams of painters are needed, rather than just one or two individuals. These teams need co-ordinating and managing to make sure the project goes smoothly. Equipment needs are often greater, including in terms of specialist equipment like access platforms and safety gear when tackling high ceilings, for instance. Commercial painters also have to co-ordinate their work more widely with designers, project managers and other trades working on the project. They need to be experienced in the logistics necessary to keep major projects working to plan. This can often mean working at unusual times to best fit around the deadlines and needs of other trades and/ or business requirements. If you are working in a retail environment, you may need to work outside the shop’s opening hours, for example. Commercial painters and decorators London based services are often therefore more comprehensive than those offered by residential painters.

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