Decorators In North London - Employ Experts For Specialist Finishes Like Polished Plaster

Decorators in North London who can produce polished plaster finishes are specialists in their field. Polished plaster is gaining in popularity, often being used by designers as a decorative finish in luxury homes, hotels, offices and other high end properties. What is polished plaster and how are the finishes achieved?

To apply a polished plaster finish, you need co-operation between the decorators and other team members involved in the project such as project managers, interior designers, construction and contracting companies. Polished plaster surfacing is specialised and only offered by a few painters and decorators London based services. It is a decorative finish usually made up of marble in the form of dust or small chips combined with slaked lime. It is used on interior walls or ceilings and can produce a range of finishes by adjusting the types and particle sizes of the marble used in the mixture or by varying the application techniques. It can be dyed before application to produce an effect that looks like a specific type of marble, or to produce a colour variation that cannot be created with natural marble. It is best known for producing finishes that mimic limestone, travertine or marble with a smooth glass-like surface. Usually decorators London teams will apply the polished plaster finish over a base coat. It can take up to four layers to complete the finish and appropriate drying times are needed between coats to produce a high quality finish. It is based on an updated form of traditional Italian plaster finishes.

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