Decorators In West London - Looking For Specialist Heritage Teams?

Decorators in West London are faced with some of the most challenging painting and decorating projects in the UK. There is much in the way of prestigious and iconic residential and commercial property in the country situated in this area. Decorators operating in West London, therefore, may well need to have the skills and expertise to provide many different professional decorating and painting services.

One service that is much in demand in the local area is that of heritage painting and decorating. There are many older, historic buildings in the district, whether domestic residences or public buildings, and these need specialist skills from painters and decorators to maintain them in excellent condition. In looking at interior and exterior renovation, restoration and redecoration, painters and decorators London heritage teams understand the difficulties in providing professional services to such properties. These include painting of lime plasters; ensuring any decorating or painting finishes allow the structure to ‘breathe’ thus preventing damp; and the use of traditional colours and materials. They also involve working closely with designers, other trades, authorities and owners as part of a team whether the task is refreshing the décor of one room or redecorating and restoring an entire property to its former glory. As well as traditional methods such as the use of trompe l’oeil often found in interior wall and ceiling decorations in heritage buildings, decorators London specialised in this kind of work also need to embrace modern techniques. Appropriate examples of these might include vacuum sanding to reduce dust or utilising specialist products to gently remove old finishes and restore and finish heritage woodwork.

At GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of quality heritage painting and decorating work. Our heritage decorators in West London have completed many high profile heritage projects. Visit to see details of just a few of these and see our extensive range of other services.