Decorators North London Services That Specialise In Painting Heritage Buildings

Decorators North London based services experienced at painting and decorating heritage properties are not common, but they are available. Older UK properties need specialist and skilled provision to maintain them. Finding an experienced contractor with the right balance of skills and experience can be more of a challenge than for a modern or new build property.

Exterior redecoration is important in maintaining these North London properties because it plays a major role in preventing the building decaying. If your building has exterior woodwork like wooden window frames or doors, they will need regular painting or other treatments like varnishing to protect against the weather and the atmosphere. Left untreated, external woodwork will decay and rot within a few years. Good painters and decorators London contractors will know how best to treat the external wood on any building. For example, they will know that old hardwood, like the oak beams on the outside of some period properties, may be best left unpainted and will benefit more from oiling or similar traditional treatment. Similarly, a professional decorators London based heritage decorating service will be able to treat other external coatings appropriately. Older coatings such a lime render or stucco plastering will need painting with a breathable paint such as a limewash. This will protect outside of the building, but not trap moisture in the walls. The design of many older buildings allows moisture in the walls evaporate rather than cause damp in the property. Painters who incorrectly using modern paints and treatments on old bricks, concrete or stone can trap moisture, causing serious problems further down the line.

At GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors, our specialist heritage painting and decorating contractors understand how to treat residential and commercial heritage buildings providing high quality finishes that look great and preserve the property. Our professional decorators North London services provide exceptional results and quality workmanship. For more company information, visit