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High-End Decorators Chelsea, London. Restoring a Listed Building In SW7 GS Decorating, as one of London’s leading painting and decorating contractors with high quality decorators Chelsea, we were recently contracted to decorate a private residence on Harrington Gardens in the London Borough of Chelsea & Kensington SW7, near Gloucester Road tube station.

Decorators Chelsea, London

The property was a Grade II listed building nestled in the Harrington and Collingham Gardens enclave in Chelsea, which holds a particularly interesting place in London’s housing history. The area was designed by Ernest George and Peto, who were celebrated architects in the late 1800’s. You can read a more in-depth history of the properties’ beginning on this link: Harrington Gardens History . However, in brief; they were styled in a rich elaborate style for a residential property, taking their inspiration from grandiose northern European properties from previous centuries. When we entered this property in Chelsea it was not hard to see, that the bulk of this project was in the immaculate restoration and decoration of the wood panelling, throughout the property. It could only be described as one of the largest staircases known to man.

Before Decorating Pictures of a Listed Building in Chelsea London

The wood had been recently painted in the previous 5-10 years but underneath the layers of paint was a polish that had not been stripped off properly before hand. This meant the paint had not properly adhered to the wood surface and would easily scratch and flake off. To rectify this issue all the paint had to be stripped off back to the bare wood. The layers of troublesome polish then had to be removed, before redecorating and renovating all the panels and woodwork. As you can see from the pictures this is quite some task, especially considering the 16 week time scale for the project, faced by our decorators Chelsea. You can see images of another example of high-end decorator Chelsea at a project on Eaton Place just off of Sloane Square in Chelsea but clicking on this link.

Heritage Building in Chelsea, London, Decoration Process

To restore this 100-year-old timber was an extremely time and labour intensive process.

  • To remove the button polish our highly skilled London decorators treated the wood with a mixture of methylated spirits and nitromores to neutralise the polish and allow a primer to adhere to the wood.
  • Once the polish was removed we primed all surfaces with a high performance primer. In this case we used Pegaprim Isofix, which we more than highly recommend.
  • Once all the wood was primed, it was time for a five coat filling, under coating and sanding process to restore the wood to an almost like new state but while keeping the woods age and character.
  • We used an oil based Dulux undercoat to build up our base coats.

To undertake this project there were a team of 14 decorators on site everyday, with bleeding thumbs for the most part! The colossus preparation undertaking was a real test of the professionalism, craftsmanship and endurance of our London decorators.

Preparation Stage of our High End Residential Project in Chelsea

Finishing Coats at our High End Residential Decorating Project in Chelsea

The specification for the finishing coats for the wood and walls on this decorating project in Chelsea was to have visible hand brushed strokes using Kiem Paint and European brand paint. Kiem is a mineral based paint that has a gritty texture. Once on the surfaces Kiem looks like an extremely thick paint. However the reality could not be much further from the truth. The paint is actually very, very thin and watery, because of this fact, the preparation process undertaken must be completely different compared to when prepping using traditional English products like Farrow and Ball or Dulux. Before the top layers of paint is applied all the surfaces must be sanded down to a glass like feel, sanded super smooth with no nibs or defects. This is because of the paints thin consistency any defects in the prep work would be highly visible once the top layers of paint have been applied.  This called for our team of highly skilled listed building decorators in London, to sand, sand and sand some more, to achieve the perfect level of preparatory work.

Finishing Coats

Unfortunately, as this is a private residency we could not publish the final completed pictures of the project. However, I think the above images give a good indication of the sheer amount of work that was needed to complete this project to the highest possible standards of decorating. GS Decorating decorators Chelsea specialise in undertaking complex project of this nature. Our highly trained team of decorators can deliver all manners of high-end residential decorating projects on time, to budget, every time. If you would like to find out more about our team of London decorators or you live in the Chelsea, Kensington area and are looking for a high quality team of decorators Chelsea, then contact us now on the details below – we would be happy to help.

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