How to decorate your child’s bedroom

There are many things to consider when thinking about how to decorate your child’s bedroom. This is a space where they will be spending a vast amount of time in, whether they’re sleeping, playing or working, so its important to create a comfortable environment for them to express themselves in. One of the key things to consider is how the room is going to grow with the child. Detailed below are ideas about how to decorate your child’s bedroom from the nursery to teenage hood, so that you can develop the room easily and cost effectively.


When considering how to decorate you child’s bedroom, one important thing to remember is that as they grow, they are likely to want to change the room themselves to match their personalities. This may include using bright bold colours to paint the room, so when decorating their nursery, it is best to paint it using neutral tones such as white, cream or grey. This will make it easy to repaint in the future, and will leave the rest of the room open to use bright, bold colours in the decoration.

Alternatively, if you do want to add some colour to the walls, then bright pastels and patterns can be lovely for children. This will also add some variation to the room, making it light and airy and enjoyable to be in.

  • Wall art

If you are going to stick with neutral coloured walls, why not jazz them up with the numerous different options of wall art that you can choose from. This includes picture frames, posters or even wall stickers that can be easily removed. This will create an interesting environment for your child to be raised in, without any hassle when it comes to re-decorating.

  • Furniture

The furniture that you decide to use will be largely based on the other decor that you pick, as although its nice to have a variety of brights colours for your child to be surrounded by, you don’t want too many that will clash. To avoid this, it is good to use wooden furniture that have neutral tones such as white and brown, so that the bedding and pillows can be bright and colourful.


  • Painting

This is where you really want to starting getting creative with how to decorate your child’s bedroom, as an interesting room is sure to spark the same sense of creativity in them. To do this you have many options, and while you could stick with white walls and stickers for ease, bright coloured paint and wallpaper might be your child’s first choice. If you do decide to go down this route, the trick is to use colours and patterns that will be agreeable for a range of ages, so that the child won’t immediately start to think that it looks too immature and want to redecorate. Another option would be to use blackboard paint. This brilliant invention will allow your child to produce wonderful designs to decorative their bedroom, so that it is a true representation of their personalities!

  • Furniture

The main thing to consider when your choosing furniture for a child’s room is storage space. Even though you want your child to enjoy a room where they can get really creative, this does not mean that their things have to litter the floor when they are not using them. In fact, this may actually hinder their ability to play, as there may not be enough space or they may not be able to choose from all the toys presented in front of them! To prevent this, choosing multi-functional furniture can make brilliant use of limited spacing, for example having a bed that has a set of draws underneath it.

  • Lighting

Pretty lighting in your child’s room can create a cosy and warm atmosphere, and will especially help if they are afraid of the dark. As well as the usual bedside lamp, why not try fairy lights or putting stick on lights above their bed. These sticky stars can also be found on wall paper, which eliminates the chance of leaving a mark when it comes to having them removed.


  • Painting

As your child begins to grow up their needs will change, so how to decorate your child’s bedroom will do as well. However, this does not mean that you can’t make use of the previous things that you used. The blackboard paint for example will still be incredibly useful, for it will allow your child to continue to express their creative side, whilst also making a space for them to note things such as their homework down, so that it to be in full view and they will be less likely to forget about it.

However, if they want to start exploring some more mature deigns, why not opt for graffiti decor. This can be done by using actual spray paint, or using wallpaper with graffiti on it, which is obviously an easier choice as spray painting a room would require a professional and is quite difficult to remove.

  • Lighting

Using different kinds of lighting can create a really lovely atmosphere in a teenage bedroom using things like spot lights or fairy lights. They can also be very useful, for example having a desk light will definitely help with any last minute, late night homework!

  • Furniture

Clever storage space is still key to designing an efficient, yet also stylish and comfortable room for a teenager. Creating a room that is easy to keep clean and tidy will mean that less time will have to be spent on these annoying tasks, and also make for some very interesting designs. A desk is also essential for any modern teenager, which can also be suited for multi-functional purposes, creating storage space that can also be used as a dressing table or for homework.