Painters Needed London Wide To Apply Specialist Industrial Or Commercial Floor Coatings

Painters needed London based for specialist painting work? There are a number of painting jobs in industrial and commercial facilities that should always be provided by professional painting services across London. One of these includes the application of industrial and commercial floor treatments, in order to enhance safety for staff and members of the public.

In the design specification of many industrial and commercial units, speciality floor treatments may be specified. For speed and convenience, not to mention the need to comply with exacting standards, many of these jobs are best completed by qualified, professional and experienced painters London. In industrial contexts, particularly where engineering tasks are carried out, concrete or sand-and-cement floor surfaces can be treated with paint that resists the corrosive effects of oil and fuel spillages. In factories and warehouses, line markings to separate traffic and pedestrian routes; to indicate crossings; mark specific storage areas; and delineate areas that should be left clear for fire exits need to be painted on the floor. In other commercial settings in London, high grip floor paint or varnish can be applied by painters to wooden floor and stair surfaces to reduce the likelihood of slips and trips. Tile surfaces can be sealed to preserve the underlying tiles, to reduce the need for deep cleaning and to improve grip, especially if the tiled surface gets wet on a routine basis. Painters and decorators London based companies will also need to complete a periodic repainting job on the coatings, as they will tend to wear away over time.

With one of the most qualified and experienced workforces in the industry, GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors can apply these specialist floor coatings effectively and efficiently. Where there are specialist painters needed London wide, contact us to provide them for you at or Our team are available to answer your queries.