Specialist Painters London Based Contractors Qualified To Apply Specialist Paint Coatings

Specialist painters London based contractors can apply a range of specialist paint products in commercial premises to perform specific tasks. These specialist paint coatings may include hygiene coatings applied to commercial food preparation areas; and industrial floor coatings to increase grip, resist corrosive spills or mark out exclusion zones and crossings.

If these specialist paint coatings are not applied correctly by competent painters and decorators London based contractors, they will not provide the levels of protection or performance they are designed to, and will need frequent maintenance. Nowhere is this more important than in the application of fire protection coatings. One such paint-like coating, for instance, is designed to improve the fire resistance of unprotected steel beams in public, industrial and commercial buildings. It is needed because hot steel loses its ability to support loads during fire, potentially resulting in the collapse of the building. These intumescent paints improve the fire resistance of exposed steel, giving people longer to escape from any building that has caught light. This specialist paint product needs to be correctly sprayed or painted onto exposed steel beams in order to give years of improved fire resistance. Specialist experienced, qualified teams are required from painters London based contractors to apply this coating correctly, while ensuring that any decorative coating applied on top of it is suitable and will not interfere with the proper functioning of the paint. These teams will often also need to be trained in using access equipment to reach all the steelwork; and using the correct paint spraying equipment to apply it.

One of the top firms of specialist painters London wide is GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors. We have the skills, qualifications and experience to apply sprayed fire protection coatings, as well as many other specialist commercial paints. For more information, call 0207 8377115 or visit http://www.gsdecorating.com/.