West London Decorators - Need Expertise To Hang Bespoke Luxury Wallpapers?

West London decorators should be adept at hanging the types of luxury wallpapers that will be used in the interior designs of some of the most exclusive retail, commercial and domestic properties in the UK. Wallpapers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, either on a feature wall or throughout whole rooms.

High end and bespoke wallpapers are very expensive and not all painters and decorators London based services have sufficient knowledge, experience or expertise to hang them effectively and efficiently. There are many different styles of wallpaper available these days for interior designers to choose from. The types of wallpaper used in their design schemes are more often than not produced to order; and so professional, expert wallpapering services are needed to ensure costly errors are not made. The range of wallpapers and wallcoverings on offer is very diverse ranging from hand painted or hand printed papers and traditional silk papers to metallic foils and even papers that incorporate LED lighting and crystals. They can either be flat or have an embossed 3D effect. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are many different ways to hang these papers and a decorators London wallpapering team must be proficient in the different ways of handling these interior design finishes. For some papers, for instance, the wall must be pasted; while others require the paste to be applied to the paper. There are also a range of adhesives, some more appropriate for different types of papers than others. As another example, truly specialist professional wallpaper hangers will hand trim papers to fit before sticking them to the wall – not a task for an amateur.

At GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors, we have an experienced and highly skilled team who can professionally hang a wide range of wallpapers. Our West London decorators can price your project from drawings, bills of quantities and site visits. Contact us by phone on 0207 8377115, email contact@gsdecorating.com or visit http://www.gsdecorating.com/.