10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 1

10 ideas to decorate your balcony perfectly and hide from neighbors

Summer is coming, it’s time to spend some time outside! As we all know, London housing price are increasing. Having a garden is quite difficult in the capital. But you probably have a small balcony, which you’re not taking the best advantage from!
Even a small space can be a cosy space where you like spending time. It’s all about space optimization.
Another problem you can think of with a balcony is the visibility your neighbors may have on it. We understand that you need to make it your comfortable place, without feeling any look on yourself!
With this article you’ll find some tricks to decorate your balcony and spend more time enjoying London sunny days (when there is some!). All the inspiration you’ll see have been found on Pinterest.

I – Wicker fenced

A wicker fenced will first of all permit to make your balcony more private. Most of all, it gives a natural and exotic look that will make you feel relaxed. To add to this bohemian look, you can add a couple of chairs and a small table. Perfect place to relax with your friends and family.

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 2

II – Green plants

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 3

Another great way to ameliorate your space while hiding from your neighbors look! Dispose few green plants around your balcony!
Green plants have a great impact on your well-being. Even if you have only one tiny space, you can always create a relaxing atmosphere, a small eden garden, thanks to green plants installation.t

III – Wooden panel painted in pastel colors

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 4

Install a wooden panel on the side of your balcony is a great way to gain some intimacy. This idea is cheap and easy to realise. Choosing a pastel color will just make your decoration easier to adapt and avoid annoyed neighbors (yes, it can happen). At least, once it’s there, they can’t see anymore your outdoor personal space! Adding some wicker furnitures will give a natural atmosphere, with some chairs, sofa if you have a little bit more space. There is plenty of way to get a cosy balcony.

IV – Vegetal wall and asian atmosphere

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 5

As we know, Asian culture is specialised on creating relaxing and peaceful decoration. Adding a vegetal wall is a great idea to make your balcony look like a beautiful garden. If your space is too small for chairs or a sofa, why not just creating a wooden floor and adding some colorful and comfortable cushions on which you can sit. On this picture you can see a great example of a peaceful balcony realised in a small place.

V – Adding lights and white curtains

As we saw in all our previous articles, lighting is the most important when creating an atmosphere. You probably want a cosy balcony, romantic lighting to spend evening summer at yours and feel perfectly fine. In the same theme of romantic and cosy balcony, adding white light curtains will give you some privacy. On the following picture, you can see that witha tiny place, you can just create amazing atmosphere.

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 6

VI – Close your balcony with a transparent blinds

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 7

You can  add space to your living room by extending it with your balony. You can create a small veranda by adding transparent blinds and close your balcony. Transparent blinds will let the light enter while hiding from your neighbors. With transparent blinds, you can as well be outside even if it’s raining or it it is too cold.

VII – A marine atmosphere

Summer is coming, you need some holidays. Fortunately, no need to go too far! Decorate your balcony with blue colors, stripes and a hamac! As you see on the picture, this tiny space has been adapted and is now looking as the most cosy balcony you have ever seen.
Add some candles, white curtains, and that’s it! You’re ready to spend your summer to the sea, at yours.

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 8

VIII – Add rugs

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 9

Sometimes, you’re balcony floor can seems out of date. Adding rugs is a cheap idea and a great tip to add colors to your balcony. You can add multiple rugs and create a cosy and happy atmosphere. With few candles, few chairs, one small table, you have now a great balcony to enjoy summer times at yours.

IX – Porch sittin

Don’t have enough space to put chairs on your small balcony? Porch sittin is the perfect solution. Giving a bohemian style to your balcony, it as well optimise the space. Like that you can invite some friends to have a drink and relax with a book when you’re alone sitting on this intelligent installation.

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 10

X – Even the tiniest places can be used!

10 creative ideas to decorate your balcony 11

Look at this picture. The balcony is tiny but the owners did an amazing job by optimising the space. Lights, colors, a table, one chair. It mignt not be the garden of your dream but definitely a place where you can relax during sunny day and enjoy your small balcony more than ever!