Why marketing your painting and decorating business is essential

It is essential to build a strong brand identity. As a painting and decorating contractor trying to expand your market share in today’s modern internet age, with the massive amount of marketing noise you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Why marketing your painting and decorating business?

We spent a lot hours working on our marketing. Creating a strong presence is essential to generate a steady stream of new enquiries. If your continuously receiving enquiries from new potential customers it gives you the confidence that you have a strong sales pipe line, where you can forecast the future work ahead and then in turn plan your staffing levels and cash flow.

Here are some easy tips about marketing your painting and decorating business that will make your life much easier. The construction industry as a whole is currently in a boom period so now is a great time to capitalise and grow your customer base. With 10,985 registered decorating business’s in the UK currently there is a lot of competition to stand out from. This is why you need to differentiate yourself by giving your company a unique and memorable brand identity.

I- Analyse your direct competitors

Who are your direct competitors?

•    People that are working in the same niche
•    People that operates in the same location

First of all, make a list of your 5 biggest competitors in the painting and decorating market. Then, go on their website, analyse their logo, name, services. Collect as many elements as possible. (Don’t forget that if you are a self-employed painter for example, your principal competitors will not be the biggest companies, instead you need to look at other self-employed painters in your area. You can simply have a look on Google by typing “decorators + your specific location” for example. And see who comes up first. This is where Google have done a lot of work to ensure peoples searches are more relevant local based. When ever you look at Google now your will first see the Adword results at the top (ones people have paid to be on), then you have the maps area Google Local and then below that you have the main search result. Ranking top in each area involves as different tactic. These tactics Google Local Citation building & main search results back link building is something we will discuss more in later posts.

After having analysed your principal competitors, you should be able to do a diagnosis about how they are communicating in their industry)

Now you’ve got an idea of what is out there that will help you marketing your painting and decorating business.

If you need more information about marketing your painting and decorating business, you can have a look at www.blogginpater.com where you can find lots of articles wrote by professionals on how to run your company the best way you can regarding your blog, your marketing and your customer services.

II- Define your businesses values


Let’s talk about your painting company.

First of all, you need to define your business values.
What do you want to say to your customers? What do you want your brand to communicate?

Here’s a website where you can find a lot of examples of values. You’ll not need more than 3 representatives’ business values for marketing your painting and decorating business.
You can choose to show them on your website to describe your company, but it is most of all a base for you to know what kind of brand identity you want to create.

III- Know your target audience

When starting a business, you need to know whom you are targeting, to be able to create the most appropriate brand identity to your customers.

It could be interesting to define a buyer persona. I explain myself. A buyer persona is your typical consumer,
You will create a fictive person that will represent your exact target audience.

You can have a look at this article from Buffer that explains everything about buyer’s persona; you can as well download a template for free on this website that will help you to create yours.

Once you defined your target audience, you’ve got all the diagnosis analysis and you’re now ready to enter in the creation of your brand identity.


IV – Establish your communication objectives

Your communication objectives are always the same 3 different types:

INFORM: Create brand awareness
PERSUADE: Define a fulfilling need for your painting and decorating business
REMIND: Encourage your target audience to act

These objectives will be your guideline for the following steps of marketing your painting and decorating business.

V- Find your positioning


The positioning of your company is how do you differentiate your brand from the others.
You should be able to say, “My painting and decorating company is the most…”

Basically you just need to find an adjective that would summarize all the added value of your company on the painting and decorating market.

This step is really important, as it is the reason why you business is unique. This is your unique selling point.

What will customers remember about your brand? Why would they choose you more than another?

VI- Tone of voice

Starting marketing your painting and decorating business, you will have to create a website, subscribe on social medias etc. You will basically need to build a relationship with your customers.

So, how do you want to talk to them?

You can choose a formal tone of voice or something more casual and friendly. There is no good or bad ways; it is up to you and your values!

VII- Get company name idea

We arrive at the most difficult part of marketing your painting and decorating business. Choose a name. We all know that making a choice can be difficult.
Your company name needs to be catchy and memorable. We selected for you This website where you can try company name ideas, and check the availability of these names.

Your name is what people will remember about your painting business. All of your brand identity will be attached to this name. But no stress, it is actually a fun part of the brand identity, just be creative!

VIII- Create a logo

Once you defined your name, you will now have to create a logo. It is the most important part of marketing your painting and decorating business as the Logo is what people will remember about your brand. To create your logo, you will have to get back to the three values you established earlier. It will help you to know exactly what you want to communicate.

You can start by looking at some design inspiration on Pinterest for example, to get some brand identity examples and ideas from others painting company. Don’t copy them, it would be interesting for you to try something different, so people will remember you more than the others.

My only advice would be to stay simple and clean. The best logos are the minimalists one. Once you’ve got an idea of what you want, you will probably need to call a designer to realise it. Don’t panic, we’ve got a great website for these services as well: peopleperhour.com You can look for any type of designers, services, and prices. It is simple and efficient.


IX- Create your website


Nowadays, Internet is unavoidable when starting a business. People need to be able to find your painting company at any time when they need to contact you. The creation of a website can seems to be an insurmountable task but no worries, we will explain your different option to create one.

The first option is the one we recommend the most: WordPress. This is a content management system, which ask time and patience to understand exactly how it works. But, this is the best way to create a good SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in Google or Bing”. Which means, that the more your SEO is complete, the more your website will rank in the first pages of your search engine. And this is what you want, so people will easily find you.

You will find here a guide that we wrote on how to start with WordPress.

As a painter and/or decorator, you need to show customers your work. It will be the base of marketing your painting and decorating business. Meaning that you will have to include a portfolio or a blog to your website, to show your inspiration and your work. A blog can be a really good tactic regarding the promotion of your painting company, as the articles can be published on social medias and shared easily.

X- Subscribe on social medias and forums

  • Social Medias

Social medias are the best way to promote your content today, easily and reach a maximum of prospects. All this strategy is essential for marketing your painting and decorating business. The best social medias to subscribe to for a painting company will be Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Linkedin is the most important one, as it is a professional social media used by almost every professional in any types of business. You can create a company page, which will promote your company, explain your background and promote your brand.

Facebook and Twitter permit you to interact with your consumers. This is where the tone of voice will be really important, as it will drive all your publications. You have to engage people by sharing interesting articles, enter in some Facebook group, comment some posts. All of this will expand your network.

Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are not the most likely to expend your network, however, it will be the best social medias to posts your pictures and inspirations. Use it as a portfolio. In the painting and decorating industry you will need one to show your skills.

  • Forums

Finally, you can subscribe to forums. The added value of being on forums is to stay informed about what does people actually ask on the painting and decorating market and expand your network.

One of the best forum you could find for painters and decorators is “Painters pit stop”. It covers all the subjects you need to talk about, as industry news, tools, wallpapering and lots more. This website has approximately 60 people connected all day to talk about painting, give advice and solve problems. We recommend you to subscribe to it when you launch your painting company.

Finally, by applying this entire step-by-step list: marketing your painting and decorating business, you’ve got all the tools to start an efficient brand identity for your painting company.

We do hope that this article has been useful.
You can have a look to our rebranded website at www.gsdecorating.com.