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How to give your room a fresh look

For painters and decorators London The bedroom is THE most important room in your home. In fact, sleeping well is essential to succeed in your everyday family and professional life. Your room is as well your intimate place. It needs to be cosy and get great decor to make you feel relaxed as soon as you go to bed. We will give you a lot of advice in this article to enhance your decor, at a fair price and easily. Just follow these steps! Don’t hesitate to be creative and create your perfect private space.

The most important furniture in the bedroom for commercial painting companies is, of course: the bed. Your bed needs to feel comfortable as well as being design. You could choose a bed which sits low on the ground, to give an impression of Asian culture. Or you can choose a king-size bed, quite high to get easily on feet when you wake up! There are no particular design trends regarding bed choice; everything will depend on how convenient you feel it would be the most. Don’t hesitate to go on Pinterest, Instagram to look at designs ideas and maybe get inspired to get your perfect bed!

It is true; storage is not the most exciting part of the decor. However, you’ll be surprised to see what we can do with design storage; it can give a great look to your room. Your room contains plenty of clothes, makeup, shoes, sheets and a lot of other stuff. It is essential to be able to find a place for everything and keep the room tidy. As the trends nowaday are to stay minimalist regarding the design, designers worked on many ways to use storage inconvenient places, to be able to hide it. For example, under your bed, you can create cupboard.

You can also create a mirror unit that will enhance the size of the room and be really useful to put your clothes! It exists plenty of tricks to create storage in your room without taking space! Don’t hesitate to use original or vintage furniture which can give a great look to your room.

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For painters and decorators in East, London Curtains are important in the room, as they influence how the daylight enter into your room. And the curtains are not always expensive. You can even find some pretty curtains in Primark for 30 pounds that will change all your interior design.

Interior designers love taking time choosing curtains at it is the main furniture that will play with the light. Lighter fabric will allow your room to be brighter. You can as well buy electric curtains tracks, which will be much easier to use!

Lights are the most important thing to make you feel at home, and most of all, feel good. If you feel that the principal lights in your master bedroom are too aggressive, the best solution is to buy some lighting chains. You can find a lot of personalised lighting chain in Ikea, for example. It does everything to the atmosphere of your room, making it cosy and relaxing.  It is made with LEDs as well, which consume less electricity and help you save money!

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