15 decorating tips to make people renting a place feel at home

In London, 51% of the capital’s home are rented. Whether you rent or own your property, you want to feel homely. Renting a property shouldn’t keep you from living in the stylish home you desire.

It doesn’t matter how long you are going to stay in this rented place, feeling at home is essential for your well-being. I’ve been a renter for quite a long time, and I’ve picked up some tricks easy and efficient to make yourself feel at home.

As being a renter, it is fully understandable that you don’t really want to put money into painting your place, as you might not stay for a long time, and you want to save money. So here’s some tips that can help you to personalise your walls without spending too much!

Thanks to the following 15 tips, you’ll see that there is cheap ways to personalise your interior to your tastes, create an atmosphere that suits you, and all of that with furnitures that you can remove and bring to your next home!

I – Stickers

Wall Stickers have become more and more popular. You can find a lot of forms and different colors to suit to your tastes.
What is good with stickers? You can stick them and remove them without a trace. It is really cheap as well! The range of price will be between 10 and 50 pound/each. You can have a look at this website.

II- Removable wallpapers

This is something that ask a little bit more time to install but it worth it! So you can design your entire home as you desire to feel at home, and take everything out when you leave. We selected one website with great choice and great offers here

III – Rugs

Maybe that you are not satisfied with the floor of the house you rent. Changing the whole floor would obviously be too expensive. So what about camouflage?
You can invests in some original and colored (or not) rugs that are going to give your room a cosy feeling and make you feel at home.

IV – Sofas

Your sofa is a little bit out of date, maybe damaged with time etc. Don’t panic, there is no need to buy another one! I explain myself, if you can find some fabric in the color of your choice, maybe printed as well, and just cover the pillows with it. You just need a stapler and it’s done! You have your brand new sofa.

V – The lights

Lights are the most important thing to make you feel at home and most of all feel good. When you move to your rented place, if you see that the principal lights are too aggressive, the best solution is to buy some lighting chains. You can find a lot of personalised lighting chain in Ikea for example. It does everything to the atmosphere of your room, making it cosy and relaxing.  It is made with leds as well, which consume less electricity and help you save money!

VI- The mirrors

When moving into a place, space optimisation is the most important. That’s true you may not have moved in a 100m2. The best tip to make your space look bigger is to put mirror on the walls. In fact, the reflect of the other side of the room will make yours looks way much bigger!

VII- The curtains

Curtains are important in the room, as they influence how the daylight enter into your room. And curtains are not always expensive. You can even find some pretty curtains in Primark for 30 pound that will change all your interior design.

VIII – The flowers

Never forget, if you want your place to look alive, healthy and relaxing. Flowers and plants are the best way to cheer up your atmosphere! Don’t stuff too much your interior but one plant in each room will make you feel relaxed.

IX – Don’t want to invest on a painting?

One of a cheap idea about decorate your place is to find a picture that you really like, a landscape, and print it at a photography shop. It will cost you approximately 25 pound and will look perfect on your interior design.

X – How to stick your pictures on the wall without any trace

As we said earlier, putting things on the world can seems dangerous, as you don’t want to damage the wall paint of your rented place. To be able to put some of your last paints or posters, or simply boards, the best way would be double side tape. It is reliable and efficient.

XI – An original way to mix lights and pictures

Here’s a DIY idea to mix pictures and lights in a bedroom, making you feel at home.
You just need to print some of your favorite pictures. Here’s a link to print them in a polaroid style which make a vintage impression.  https://square-snaps.com/polaroid-photo-prints.php , and buy a led light chain, (you can find some at 2.50 at Primark).
Here’s the result!

XII – Storage can be part of your decor!

Rented places can have a lack of storage. It can be a good occasion for you to play with your creativity! You can find some cheap accessories or furniture that can help storage but also improve your home decor! It is as well something that you’ll be able to bring in your next home.

XIII – Refresh your dining table

Your dining table seems out to date or damaged? No need to invest in a table, you’ve got few solutions: If you are into the painting and decorating, why not just take 2 hours of your time and paint it in a color that suit to your taste?
If you don’t feel like it, you can just easily but a nap whose color match with the rest of the decoration of your place. Here’s you’ve got a table where you will dine feeling at home!

XIV – Make your bed cosy

Your bed is the masterpiece of your rented home. To make you feel at home, ou just need to buy few pillows with great printed colors on it, and add them on your bed, easy!

XV – Personal Touch

The most important tips on how to make you feel at home in your rented place, is to personalise it! It doesn’t matter how long you’re going to stay. All these few cheap and easy tips will make your place feel like your “home sweet home”.