Your turn to be an interior designer! 1

Your turn to be an interior designer!

Summer is coming, it is time to make some change to your home and bring this summer atmosphere at yours. If you are an amateur of interior design,these apps will change your life! Thanks to the digital, you’ll discover apps that will help you decorate your interior design easily and with professionalism. GSD Painting and Decorating picked the 10 must have apps to help you realise your interior design.

I – Homestyler interior design

This app is a 3D simulator, using the latest technology. Take a picture of the room you want to decorate. Thanks to the virtual reality, you can place different furnitures on the picture with different angles, colors and see the result! This is a revolution in the industry as we know that buying a new sofa for example can be quite a difficult decision when you’re in the store, as you’re not sure about the dimensions and everything. Thanks to this app you can just try as much furnitures as possible while staying at yours! Mirrors, rugs, sofa, lights and many more.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 2

II- Houzz

Houzz app is a giant database of thousands of interior design pictures, ranked by interior design styles, rooms and location. This app is created for inspiration and to be able to share your own design with professionals as well. If you feel like you don’t really know what to do with your interior design yet, this app is your solution.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 3

III – My Pantone

Pantone is now leader on the market, known for its original and beautiful colors released every year. This app has a database of more than 13 000 different pantone colours. When working with an interior designer, it’s not always easy to describe the exact color you want. Thanks to this app, you can now precisely choose and explain the result you attend. You can have access to any colours available in your pocket.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 4

IV – Color Snap

When it comes to change your interior design, you might have an idea of the main colour you want to use. However, it is always hard to know which colour you’re going to mix it with. This app allows you to download a picture from any landscape, inspiration you think of, and the app will analyse all colours on your smartphone and show you the pallette you may use for your interior design.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 5

V – Curate

When it comes to your interior design, you might want to personalise your space. In fact it is always difficult to imagine a result when it comes to add drawings and art on your walls.
Thanks again to the technology, you can upload a picture of any white wall and see how any art will look in your home. Easy and really useful.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 6

VI -LikeThat decor and furnitures

We all had the following situation: you’re going to a friend’s house and you’re just amazed by his interior design. Well, now you can create the same look at your place!  Thanks to LikeThat App, take a picture of the furniture you like and you’ll find hundred of models in the same style. You can compare prices to get the best deal. It has never been that easy.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 7

VII – Magic Plan

Redecorate your interior design seems to be a great idea. However, taking all the measures seems to be a big job. With Magic Plan, taking measures is effortless. This app can compute distances within a space simply by analyzing a snapshot. Take notes, and never feel this feeling of “is it going to fit” again when buying new furnitures.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 8

VIII – Home Design 3D

When moving to a house, you might have to do some work. It can be really difficult to project your new interior design and space optimisation. This app is a great tool as you can use the virtual reality to see the result before the work begin: Take out your walls, paint your ceiling. Everyhting is possible to be visualised.

Your turn to be an interior designer! 9