5 tips to improve your offices look

Having an office comfortable and where your employees feel good is the key to productivity. In this article we’re going to see few easy tips to improve your offices look.
As summer is coming, it’s time for change and create a relaxing work place!  You just need to follow these steps to improve your offices look.

I – Space optimisation

Optimise your space is essential to make you feel good in your office.
The first step would be to clean. Have a look in all your drawers, and find everything useless. Old papers, old pens.  Now, you can just reorganise everything. This steps will help your productivity at work, being in an environment more organized.
If you have an office for yourself, why not change furnitures disposal?
Try to use every corners of the room to make it looks bigger.

II – Customisation

Your office does not have to be only a place with work stuff. Customise your office to your tastes, with pictures or art that you like is a good way to improve your well being at work.
Don’t hesitate to put some of them on the walls, and when you’ve got a bad day at work, you just need to look at it and take your smile back!

III – Which color

Sometimes, your office needs a fresh look. Why just not paint walls to make it look brand new? You can call a specialist painter and decorator as GSD Painting and Decorating, but you can as well decide to undertake the work yourself, if it is just a small amount of work.
The choice of the color can seems to be difficult. But Actually, here’s a simple memo of the psychology of color which will help you to choose the best color for your offices:

Blue:  Sereneity and Hygiene
Green: naturality and fresh
Red: Passion
Yellow: enthousiasm

IV – Plants

As in all the article we wrote, having green plants in the space you’re living in is really important. In fact, green plants makes you feel relaxed in your environment and then improve your productivity. This article on the benefint of outdoor plants is really interesting. http://www.ambius.com/learn/benefits-of-our-services/index.html

V – Walls customisation

Why not customise your space with stickers, or art than can emplify the well being of your offices?
For any moment your employees need to relax, they can have a look to the decor and feel comfortable again.

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