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Bedec Barn Paint Review

GSD Painting and Decorating wanted to tell you about the benefits of using Bedec Barn Paint when decorating the exterior of your property via this Barn Paint review.Decorating a barn

Barn paint is ideal for the use on exterior wooden, metal or plastic cladding. We have just used it to paint and decorate a barn conversion project were the external wooden weatherboard had not been maintained for approximately eight years. Although not in bad condition, the exterior needed a lot of work to get back to its former glory. Barn Paint

After washing down and prepping the woodwork we proceeded to paint the surface in two or three coats of Bedec Barn Paint, using the opaque white colour as specified by the client. The great thing about Bedec Barn Paint is that it can be used on previously painted surfaces, even those coated with weathered bitumen, tar varnish and creosote. What makes Bedec stand above the competition is that two or three coats can be applied quickly in one day, especially during the hotter months.  Also all coats applied are barn paint, therefore no stress is built up within the coating layers. You can purchase Barn paint from various outlets including the Traditional Paint Company.

Bedec Barn Paint uses an acrylic system that is a tough durable microporous protective coating that has excellent colour retention. It will flex with the substrate exhibiting reduced flaking and blistering. We highly recommend it for any exterior paint job as it does what it says on the tin.Essex painting and decorating

When applying it, it goes on extremely easily and you can feel the acrylic in the paint. It moves and fills with your surface giving you that extra flex needed and quickly transforms what ever property you are decorating.

Our customers on this project were delighted with the results and GSD Painting and Decorating, as professional painters and decorators, only use and recommend products that we know last and give a great finish. With this Bedec’s Barn Paint review, you can be guaranteed great results at a much better price than compared to some of the  better know competitors.

Bedec are also based just outside Chelmsford, Essex which is a place close to my heart and a lovely place to visit if you are ever in Essex.

If you want to find out more about Bedec you can visit their website here :

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We do hope that this Barn Paint review was usefull.




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  1. GSDecoration
    GSDecoration says:

    Hi Alan

    Thank you for your comments and looking through my site it has taken a while but I am slowly getting there. Us painters and decorators need to stick together! If you need any help with you website I have become half decent with all this web stuff! Hope your well and thank you for commenting on my blog.


  2. GSDecoration
    GSDecoration says:

    Hi Andy

    Nice to see you here, yes we use the barn paint a lot over the summer it really does work wonders on the weatherboard.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    Used Bedec Barn paint on the featheredge cladding on the back of my property and was so impressed with its simplicity and results that I’m going to try it on my large newly installed window frame. I’ve had it with synthetic paints they just seem to bubble and blister, trap moisture underneath and generally not last as long as they should – and this is despite careful rubbing down, filling and undercoating etc. Bedec just seems to cover everything so well.


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