big wipe review

Big Wipes Review

Are Big Wipes any good?

GS Decorating was contacted on Twitter by a guy offering us free Big Wipes as part of a current promotion. As avid fans of Big Wipes, we said ‘yes please’. As promised two weeks later and a nice box of various packs of the product arrived at our door. Perfect!

Now some may see this Big Wipe review as biased, but not having that much time to review lots of different products GS Decorating only really want to review the things that we like and use daily. Plus, we normally have a tub to hand. Something like these is essentials for decorators, painters, painters and decorators, painting contractors and decorating contractors.

For those of you that have not used Big Wipes before, essentially they are a multipurpose, tuff, industrial-strength, cleaning wipe, aimed at the commercial market for people such as decorators, builders, mechanics, cleaners etc. They have a range of different packages, but we generally use the Big Wipe Industrial Plus, which will cope with most situations.

are big wipes any goodAs part of our profession, painters, painters and decorators, painting contractors, e ensure that every property we work in is left clean and sparkling without a trace of recent work. Tidiness is essential; decorators are finishers, dirt and marks are just not an option. Cleanliness is one of the things that makes the great decorating contractors stand out over the ‘ok’ painters and decorators.

They are almost amazing at cleaning your workspace in any situation. They can effectively clean a variety of spillage’s, stains and marks including both water or oil-based paints, grouts, fillers and silicone (plus more) from carpets, flooring, surfaces, fixtures and fittings, as well as your hands and clothes.

In each pack, you get eighty sheets of what the manufacturer’s Sycamore UK term their ‘Scrub & Clean’ fabric, that apparently goes through a bonding process using heavy-duty fibres to create an extra-strong cleaning cloth. Interesting stuff, I hear you say! Well, what does this matter to the everyday person? What is wrong with a bit of Flash and a scrubbing cloth? Big wipes are what we use as professional painters and decorators. When we decorate in your homes, we will always use only the best quality products and equipment to ensure you get the best job possible.

Our one complaint with Big Wipes is that they do go pretty quickly and we are constantly stocking up every week (if they want to send us some more freebies we wouldn’t complain). With an average price of £7, it can get pretty expensive very quickly.

I really think a tub of Big Wipes would help any amateur decorator or DIYer finish the job more efficiently and cleanly. Pop them on your ‘list’ when you go and pick up your paint and DIY supplies.

If you are looking four quality professional UK wide, London – north, south, east, west – decorators, painters, painters and decorators, painting contractors, decorating contractors. Or it would help if you had your restaurants, leisure centres, school, clubs, hotels, bars, hospitals, high-end residential, offices, office fit-outs (all in the London area) painted and decorated than contact GS Decorating on the number below.

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