Colours psychology: choose the right ones for your interior design

Colours affect your perception and your mood. This is why there is a specific psychology for every colours. When it comes to decorate your home, knowing what each colour means could help you making the right choice about your interior design. In this article, we will describe the meaning of each colour.


In most cultures, black is about sadness and death. However, in Japan black is an happy colour, people use it even during weddings. Nowadays, Black doesn’t have the same meaning in our culture as it is a lot used in luxury brands. Using black furnitures in your home give an elegant finish to your interior design.


For a long time, grey was as well associated to sadness. However thanks to the new technologies, grey became a symbol of modernity. We can find grey in a lot of brand communication as well as a lot of modern interior design. Using grey in yours is a great thing, just be careful to not use it too much as it could make the space look stale.


It represents purity and innocence. When it comes to design, using white has a connotation of refinement. In fact, if you’re looking for a refined design, using white paint is the best solution. It as well give the space an overall impression of brightness.


Blue represent fidelity, peace and hygien. Choosing blue as a main colour for your interior design will make you feel peaceful. A big asset of this colour is that it exsits thousands of declinaison to suit your tastes.


Green is the colour of nature. Using green in your interior design give a touch of frechness. When decorating your home, you can buy some green plants that will give an impression of healthiness. It is proven that plants improve your well-being, so don’t hesitate.


Yellow is about science, intelligence and idealism. This colour is more and more used in art nowadays and come back as a trendy and bright colour to use. When doing your interior design, we would recommand you to only use small touches of this colours, to avoid having a too “aggressive” overall impression when spending time at yours.


The orange is between red and yellow. It is a dynamic and efficient colour meaning enthousiasm and caring. Same as the yellow it is more and more used in the art industry and can be a good way to give your home a touch of joy.


Red represents love, passion, danger, fire. This is one of the oldest colour with the black and the white. Our tip: use red sparingly when decorating. Use it on walls can be an overpowering colour.