Color Combinations for Every Room and Every Mood

Color Combinations for Every Room and Every Mood

Colours have a bearing on how people feel. As decorators in Central London That is why you can walk into a room and just feel your mood change for better or for worse. Your brain and body react differently to different colour tones. This is the theory that interior designers and artists use when designing how the inside of a house needs to look and what colours to put where.

When furnishing or decorating your home, every colour has a different meaning, whether you know it or not. At the same time, it is important to be aware that you need to choose colours that complement each other in order to create some harmony in how the whole house comes off.

Livening up your living room

This is the most important part of the home for many people. It is where the best times are shared with family and friends. That is why it is imperative that it looks and feels warm and appealing. It should make people long to come back and spend time on it.

That is why the colour combinations need to be bold and versatile. So don’t hold back. Pick colours that will instantly liven up the room. At the same time find the right balance so that the details are neither too feminine nor too masculine. For example, green is a colour that accommodates both genders.

Bookcases and coffee tables can keep their dark colours as they blend well in their more neutral colours. Lighter coloured wood is interpreted by the eye as a completely different tone especially if the décor has a darker tone.

The kitchen needs some attention too

This is yet another place where the family spends quality time. It’s amazing the number and quality of conversations that can take place as people prepare or eat food. It’s setting as a social place means that dark hues are not so suitable for the kitchen.

Colours like orange, yellow and neutrals that are warm are the most ideal as they give the impression of positive energy and joy. The kitchen space will also feel light and welcoming. The wooden cabinets should also have colours that exude happiness and warmth.

Dining room

This is another place that is frequented by family and friends. It should always look to impress and inspire your guests. Decorators in Chelsea ensure can create this lasting impression for you.

Here you should strike a middle ground when picking your colours. The aim should be to aim for elegance while still keeping it a bit formal. This means that it’s not about the furniture colours you choose but also the colour scheme for the whole room.


This space is much underrated. It’s probably the first place you visit in the morning and the last at night. In those times, you want a sight that is cool and not trying to stimulate your senses too much. Paler colours are the best when it comes to this part of the house.

Master bedroom

This is the place you go to rest your head. It is your sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Here you need colours that are comforting which is why darker shades are advised. Good examples include burgundy, chocolate brown and berry red. Basically, the colours should not shock the senses. It’s not about the beddings but other furniture and accessories as well.

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