What to Consider When Looking for Office Furniture to Match Your Style

What to Consider When Looking for Office Furniture to Match Your Style

As Office Painters and Decorators in London, GSD knows about how having the right office atmosphere can be the difference when it comes to efficiency and productivity. A poorly organised office can cause employees to be distracted or lack focus. The numbers of hours employees spend in the office make it their second home. That is why the office should always be arranged in a way that makes people want to spend more hours in it.

One important aspect of having the right office atmosphere is choosing the right furniture. Although you want furniture that makes it easy to be more productive, you also want it to have aesthetic appeal. The office represents the image of the business, and as such, it should always be designed to give a positive first impression.

What should I consider when choosing office furniture?

Here are some of the factors that will come into play as you mull over the right furniture to purchase:


We all want to work in an office that looks easy on the eye. Furniture is a big part of the general outlook of an office. The furniture should be selected to have one stylish look as opposed to randomly selecting pieces without consideration for coordination.


It’s not all about how appealing furniture looks. It has to be fit for its purpose as well. A beautiful filing cabinet is useless unless it can hold the number of files that you want it to hold. All furniture pieces have to allow workers to work comfortably without feeling too squeezed or like they have to adjust too much.

(3)Storage space

No matter how computerised an office is, there are always documents that have to be stored in physical form. This means that you have to choose appropriately according to how you want to store your paperwork.


You also want furniture that can stand the test of time. That means that you can’t be purchasing furniture to replace it after a short period. This is what makes solid wood furniture popular in many offices.

Furniture arranging tips

How you arrange your office furniture is just as important as the furniture itself. There are many ways you can arrange the office. The most important thing is to find what suits your style and office needs. Here are some tips:

(1)Eliminate all clutter

Too much clutter in the office is a recipe for stress. Arrange the office in a way that too many items that are not being used are not left in out the open. Bins and shelves are a great way to put away things that are not being used.

(2)Consider your office size

This is very important. No one wants an office that is too congested because of too much furniture. Take the room measurements before you begin your hunt for furniture. It is these measurements that will help you pick the most suitable furniture for your space.

(3)Consider the most used items

You don’t want to be wasting too much time and energy going to pick frequently used items because you placed them too far away from your work area. For example, the printer table needs to be near your desk if you use the printer a lot.

(4)Desk position

The main desk defines the office. But you still have to consider the placement of electrical outlets, door position, windows and natural lighting and the positioning as it relates to the walls.

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