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Create your office space at home

When you’re working from home, it is essential to create your own professional universe within your familiy home. It can be easy when you have a special room dedicated to your work. However, in many cases we don’t have this available space. In this article you’ll discover some tricks to optimise your space and create a functional office in order to concentrate and work in good conditions.




The space under the stairs is most of the time not used. However with creativity, you can create your perfect office space and use it when you’re on your own at home (while children are at school for example). Still in the living room, you’ll get all the natural light as well as the lights you’ll need to buy for the perfect concentration.
You’ll need a desk that allow storage in order to keep your space tidy and organised. Storage can actually be as well a great element of decor to finish your office look.
In order to increase the work surface, a second 90 ° rotating work plan can be installed on the first, to enjoy both a surface to write and a space for the computer. Late in the day, the plan comes out first, leaving space kitchen, overnight!


If there is no garage, attic or basement where the office could be installed, you should resolve to amputate a few square metres to an existing part. But the game worth the effort if it allows to get a nice comfortable place to work.
The separation of office and lounge volumes can be created by openwork library furniture that will make office Visual wall, and a choice of different floor coverings for each space. Finally, a small bench could be placed against the office. It will allow to change position, settle comfortably, as in a small cocoon, flip books, magazines… to quietly find inspiration!


If your business brings you to receive clients at your home, it is imperative to create a welcoming and professional, well isolated desktop space. The entrance to the apartment is the most appropriate piece. You can optimized the space by the installation of shelves (saving space and cheap) along the wall behind the door of entry as well as above the latter. The office furniture is chosen to double-shelf. The top is hinged on the first. Thus, when an appointment time nears, the current work items will be able to remain in place on the second shelf, without being visible. Ingenious, it will avoid storage in haste.

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