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Decorating your children room


The first question that might come to your mind when painting and decorating London in your children room is: “should I use wallpaper or paint?”. Well, as a professional painting and decorating contractor, we advise you to choose the paint option. Simply because it’s easier to repaint than changing the wallpapers, in case your children draw on the walls for example. (Yes there is a big probability).

Regarding the choice of colours, just stay neutral. Yes, we always learned that pink was for baby girls and blue for baby boys. But there is so much more possibility to adapt the decor other than the paint! Choosing a neutral colour will permit you to avoid repainting the room for quite a long time.

From now, the best way of decorating your children room to the taste of your children is the stickers! Cheap and removable without any struggle, stickers are exactly the solution your needs to create the best atmosphere for your children and as well be able to change it from time to time without undertaking big work.
Stickers cost approximately 20 pounds and are removable easily without letting any trace.
So that you can put superman stickers and replace it with harry, potter, a few months later if needed.


Curtains can be a way to add a touch of colour to the room. As they are removable and easily changeable, you can definitely be original on that one.
You can choose between blinds and curtains. Blinds will permit you to get more privacy.


As children, you most of the time like to spread your toys around the house. This is why adding some storage to their room, easy to reach, can be a good method if you ever want them to try to clean their mess. You can find beautiful children storage in many stores that will suit the decor of the room but most of all, be really helpful.


For your children room, you need to buy some furniture. Why not buying a small desk where your children creativity can be expressed? A desk is always a good way to encourage children to be creative by drawing and painting.
You can find some small modern desk that will give a modern look to the room. You can as well choose a vintage wooden desk, that will give the perfect vintage touch to your children room decoration.


As well as the rest of the rooms, lighting your children room is really important. You need to choose a cosy light, not too bright, for them to feel good and relaxed.

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