Decorating your uni room

With results day finally over and the new academic year fast approaching, many of you might be starting to think about. If you’re living in student accommodation, it can be pretty underwhelming entering a tiny room with old bits of blue-tac still on the walls. But luckily GSD commercial painters and decorators in London are here to help pump some excitement back into the room, here are some brilliant hacks that are perfect for doing on a student budget.

These are going to be essential when it comes to decorating your uni room, as they are a straightforward way to jazz up space. Wall stickers are brilliant as they ensure that you can still enjoy decorating your uni room without breaking any regulations, as the stickers peel on and off really easily. With posters, you have to be a little more careful, but things like white blue tac can work well not to leave marks.

As well as displaying your interests with pictures on your walls, why not think about decorating your uni room by really personalise it. You can do this by printing out some home photographs at snappy snaps and sticking them up so that your room truly reflects your personality. One really great hack that will also add colour to your walls is to use washi tape as a photo frame. This brilliant invention has lots of patterns and designs to decorate your uni room, and what’s more, they won’t leave any marks when you take them off at the end of the year.

Painters and decorators in Essex think that things such as desk lights will be useful for those late-night craving sessions before an exam, while fairy lights could really create a charming atmosphere in your room, as well as producing a space for you to make your photo display more creative. To help with the stress of the first year, you could also think about getting a mood light. These clever little devices are proven to emit coloured lighting that helps to combat stress and anxiety, whilst also being a great way of decorating your uni room.

The addition of some pretty little potted plants is a great way to liven up your room. Not only will they look and smell nice, but several os studies show that plants reduce stress, improve health and energise the people in the room.

When you’re considering how to decorate your uni room, nice bedding is a must. This can really brighten up your room, making it cosy and homely.

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