Dead Flat Farrow and Ball Paint

Farrow and Ball Dead Flat

Farrow And Ball – Dead Flat Paint

GSD Painters and Decorators in Central London recently used Farrow and Ball – Dead Flat when decorating a London hotel, check out our post here : Hotel Decorating in London.

Dead Flat is a water based interior paint by Farrow and Ball, that gives you a superb high quality, elegant flat finish. You can use it internally on wood, plaster & metal but it’s more suited to period properties where you require that traditional paint finish.

Read our review on Farrow and Ball Paint for more info on the brand.

Is Farrow and Ball Dead Flat any Good?

Well, yes it defiantly gives an amazingly smooth flat finish, which you would expect. But it ‘s not a paint for the DIY enthusiast. It is an extremely unforgiving paint to work with, so if you’re looking to paint your home yourself with it, just don’t! Unless you know what you’re doing with a paint brush that is!

The paint also easily marks, so if you have little hands around the home again, probably not to wise.

If you want to get your home or building painted in Farrow and Ball – Dead Flat, then our advise is, call us, we would love to help.  Contact Page

How much does F&B Dead Flat Cost?

  • A 2.5 litres tin will set you back about £50

How much will I need to paint a room?

  •  To paint an average sized room with Farrow and Ball – Dead Flat you will need approximately 10 litres.

How many coats of paint will I need to apply?

  • Normally you would paint walls and ceilings with two coats of paint when using a modern brand. But when using Farrow and Ball we like to allow for three, sometimes four, to get the real top class finish.

Any tips to ensure a quality paint finish?

  • Add some Owatrol, Floetrol to your paint, it will help improve the finish and the ease of application when painting.
  • Make sure you sand-off inbetween coats of paint with some good quality fine grit sand paper.
  • When your applying the paint, you better be on your toes, no standing around with this one.
  • Ensure you use a good quality brush.
  • Ensure you keep your work area are clean and protected as possible. Read our post on protecting a room for decorating.

Farrow and Ball – Dead Flat Summary

If you’re going to use a designer paint like Dead Flat, make sure that it’s the right paint for the job at hand. It’s not suitable for kitchen, bathrooms or externals. It does easily mark and is difficult to get a great finish with. However, if it’s the look you are after and you get quality decorators to undertake the work, then you will get a room that looks amazing.

If you’re looking for a posh paint, read more at our designer paints blog post.

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