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Specialist Wallpaper Hangers in London…

On a recent project as one of London’s premier painting and decorating contractors GS Decorating, were specified to hang, not just slightly expensive wallpaper, but a wall covering that costs thousands of pounds per drop. Not something for the faint hearted or someone with a slight nervous disposition but as specialist wallpaper hangers London, we were up for the job.

The wall covering in question was a Japanese Metal Leaf paper from manufacturers Altfield.  Altfield are based in The Chelsea Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, a popular shopping haunt for almost every interior designer in London. Well worth a visit is you enjoy this type of thing.

Other specialist papers we can hang for you in London :

  • Digitally printed wall coverings
  • Hand painted or embroidered panels
  • Metallic leaf wallpapers
  • Block printed and silk screen wallpapers
  • Bamboo wood-papers
  • Grasscloth, Hessian, Linen, silk and all paper-backed fabrics.


Hanging Wallpaper

There are many different ways to hang wallpaper and this all depends on the style of the actual paper. Some papers require you to paste the paper before hanging other require you to paste the wall instead. There are also different methods for actually hanging the paper, especially with the more expensive style. Most decorators, when hanging, will overlap the paper and splice each join together with a sharp cutting knife instead of the traditionally used butt-join method.

Here at GS Decorating our specialist wallpaper hangers use a completely different method that only the very best wallpaper hangers can do. We hand trim all paper to size first before sticking to the wall. This is an extremely specialist skill that we would not recommend most decorators attempt, let alone the have-a-go DIY’er. Hand trimming wallpaper should only be attempted by highly skilled professionals. Especially when the paper could upwards of £1,000 a roll. It’s defiantly something you want to get done perfectly.

Due to the skill level needed to perform this, only the most time-served master craftsman will attempt this and even the most extremely competent decorators would not be able to do this and would opt instead for the over lap and splice method.

Specialist wallpaper brands we are adept at hanging.

This is not an exhaustive list, we can in effect hang any paper your require from high-end specialist papers such as the metal leaf paper in this post to generalist papers such as Cole and Son, to commercial papers such as Muraspec.

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If you are based in or around London and need the best paper hangers in town contact us now for more information.

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