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Industrial Floor Paints

Industrial Floor Paints

As leading painting contractors in London,  GS Decorating used three different brands of industrial floor paints for one of our clients ‘The British Library’ in Kings Cross, London NW1. The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the worlds greatest libraries, housing over 150 million items. One interesting fact we were surprised to find out was that the library holds the first edition copy of every book, magazine and newspaper published in the UK.

GS Decorating had the opportunities to test three different industrial floor paints; WhatCo, Resucoat and Blackfriars Epoxy floor paint. The question was, are any of them, any good? While Whatcom is probably the most well-known industrial floor paints, it also comes with a very hefty price tag. However, we found the Resucoat and Blackfriars to be the most superior products, by far.

Recoat Industrial Floor Paint

In the photos below we used the Resucoat HP two-part epoxy floor paint. This is a specialist two-part floor paint product, for use on most industrial floors. Providing a tough wearing finish on concrete and sand, cement too. GS Decorating were extremely impressed with this product. It’s easy to apply, and the finish was perfect. Like most floor paint systems, we degreased the area and then abraded the surface with mechanical sanders. Once the surfaces had the appropriate key for the paint to adhere to, the surface was primed and coated in two coats of the Resucoat system. This product had to be our favourite product out of the three.

Blackfriars Epoxy Floor Paint

Blackfriars is seen as more of an off-the-shelf product than the Resucoat or Whatco paints, but GS Decorating were still very impressed by the results. Like the other products, it’s a two-part system that requires mixing a base and hardener on-site before application. Again, we followed a very similar application process as with the Resucoat, and we were also very impressed with the finish and results. We would have no hesitation in recommending the product.


Whatco is probably the UK’s most recognisable industrial floor paint and the most expensive. However, we really were really not very impressed with it, and neither was our client. So much so, we changed the spec to Resucoat, as the good finish was guaranteed. We used the Epoxy gloss coat, and we really were equally not impressed with the finish. With a very hefty price tag, we wouldn’t recommend this product.

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