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Latest interior design and decorating trends in Chelsea London

You are probably aware of the fact that trends come and go, whether we are talking about fashion style or home design. Even if you are not following the latest trends, there are some of them that are worth trying, especially if you want to increase the curb appeal of your household or office space. Regardless of your current situation, whether you have just moved or you are looking for best ways to enhance the current appeal of your interiors, there are some amazing interior design methods you can take straight from the painters and decorators in Chelsea.

We are approaching the end of one year and the beginning of the new one. A new year, especially the first year of a decade, means a new chance to refresh not only your lifestyle but also your space. Some elements will never go out of style, but most of the trends come and go with every new season. Moreover, details and the smallest decorating trends can be more significant than doing a complete makeover. Why is interior design so important? Not so long ago, people thought that interior design is purely a way of choosing the right colours and fabrics for inner space. Nowadays, it is clear that it means much more. It is a process carried by specialists who are trying to find the most efficient solutions for better use of space. You can think about it as improving the current user experience.

If you are from Chelsea London, you are probably more than just aware of the fact of how interior design and usage of various decorating trends can highlight the way your neighbourhood perceives you. It means a lot to your lifestyle and the way your family, friends or employees feel when spending time in it. That is why specialists, like painters and decorators in Chelsea, are using their expertise and knowledge to evaluate your space, listen to your needs and try to combine them with the best practices on the market. If you want to learn about the ways you can improve the quality of your life through design and decorating trends, here is a list of the latest interior design ideas you can implement in your household or office space.


Colour is probably the first thing that come to your mind when you are thinking about making some changes to your interior space. However, you should consider texture first! Colour is here for the first impression but texture brings a whole new perspective of the room. If you want to avoid the flat and plain look of your interiors, use a texture for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Your creativity can spring from walls textures to textile decorations, from pillows to rugs. You can also play with two or more different textures to create a dramatic or playful look. You can be sure that with the right chosen texture, your room will pop up almost instantly.


Surveys show that natural light is among the top five features people look at them considering buying home. Exposure to the sun and daylight can be connected with a positive feeling about yourself, your life and overall wellbeing. Natural light makes all the rooms seem brighter, more inviting and appealing to spend some quality time in it. Employees who work in offices with lots of light reports to be more satisfied with their job and feel much happier in their workplace. Some places are in the not favourable situation because of the lack of light, but you can bring more light by choosing the light colours, wooden or stone floors or neutral-coloured carpet, and by having nice trimmed greenery outside your space. This trend will never go out-of-style. If interior design is the main meal, the natural light is an aftertaste of the chosen wine.


If we have to choose one decorating trend that truly stands the test of time, then we have to mention marble. With its natural smooth patterns and soft appearance, marble is a popular interior design idea to have within the walls of your home or office. The real marble is expensive so maybe it is not something anyone can choose, but it is a nice investment if you want to have a durable yet stunning example of design everyone can admire of.      As it is a delicate material to handle, the best way is to let painters and decorators in Chelsea provide you with the up-most professional service to transform your space in a unique way.


Choosing a colour for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or an office space can be tricky as it controls the other aspects of interior design. If you make a mistake on this step, you will most likely end up with a solution that will dissatisfy you for a long time. Still, that does not mean you have to be cautious and play on the safe choice. Explore the psychology that hides behind the colours, think about the ones that make you feel happy, relaxed and innovative. If you choose neutral colours of the walls, pick powerful colours like orange or yellow for the kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers. By using the help of the expert team, you will get specialists with years of experience who follow the latest trends on the market and use only the most efficient tools in shaping the right solution for your needs. Although it looks like a no-brainer, choosing the right colour that fits your needs is one of the hardest (and most stressful) parts of the renovation project.


Have you heard about the polished plaster? It is coming back with a style, only much better than the usual Italian plaster finish. Thanks to the popularity of plaster-loving celebrities like Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren, polished plaster has become increasingly used in homes and offices all around the world. Furthermore, its popularity has been on the rise since people in Chelsea London more and more appreciate the natural materials in design. If you have decided on polished plaster in your home, we recommend using the earthy tones, like white, beige or brown. It will make you feel like you are surrounded by nature in all its glory. And if you find yourself staring at your walls more than usual, it is not surprising. A nicely-done polished plaster can transfix you with its shifts with the light and luminosity. The right choice for nature wanderers.


All patterns are welcomed when it comes to the latest trends in the interior design, but geometric patterns are the ones that send a bold message to the audience. That is why they are a nice fit for the modern offices and other industrial spaces where it is crucial to ensure the visitors about the professional image of the company. Please have in mind that clashing the prints is a big yes, but pairing it without the professional help can only have a negative consequence of overwhelming your visitors. A classic look can be a far better choice and still look stunning and eye-catching even if they are subtle. It is advisable to discuss the usage of any patterns with specialists, like painters and decorators in Chelsea, who will help you to make your dreams a reality.


You are probably familiar with the buzzword of 2018: a Danish word hygge, that means a cozy and satisfied feeling. You do not need to be in Scandinavia to enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Although it is mostly connected to light, hygge can mean having a perfectly organised home and beautifully designed interior. It is all about making your space feeling cozy, whether it is your home or an office. That includes picking the right furniture, decorating your space with plants, choosing the right colour for your walls. Hygge is all about being personal: think about your needs and what makes you feel satisfied and secure, and continue with that feeling. You can also contact painters and decorators in Chelsea London to ease that process for you.


It sounds IT and popular, but minimalism can drag you too far too many limitations. That is why the new trends are all about the freedom to follow your gut wherever it takes you. If you check the offices and homes of the trendsetters, you will see rich and vibrant colours, unusual patterns on the floors, unique decorations on the wall and different designs in each room. To maximalism, anything standardised and minimalistic is boring and plain. When looking to bring something extraordinary to your home or office space, do not forget that devil is in details. You do not need to colour your entire space in black. Focusing on one wall or choosing some kind of wall decoration could be the change you needed and anticipated.

To conclude,

The key to every interior design is to endure the test. Some trends are changing every season, and some are eternal winners. For most of the homeowners and business owners, all these processes require certain knowledge to implement to receive a solution you want. Hence many of them struggle to find something they will be happy with. Before starting on any project, contact the professionals and receive a free offer. Think big, act big, and you will receive only big things. The easiest way is to contact the professionals because they have the right tools, methods and experience and can come to the smart solution for your home or office much faster. Sometimes what clients want and what is best for them does not fit, but in the end, experts are here to combine client’s wishes and best practices into the win-win idea.

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