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How To Prepare Hand Painted Kitchen units

This custom-made hand painted kitchen units in London is the result of our GSD Painting and Decorating team preparing and working to standards way beyond the norm. From masking to sanding to cleanliness, a hand-painted kitchen unit requires our full care and attention at every stage.

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Why mask the inside of a kitchen cabinet?

When painting woodwork around the home, of course, we push ourselves to make sure that every brushstroke and every line is spot on, and we especially fixate on what is visible at normal eye level. In a kitchen, though, we have to think that every day, the client will be opening almost every door to cabinets and draws we have painted.

So when you pull out a pan or a can of food, the interior of every cabinet will be on view. Your eyes will be right there, up close and able to see the slightest dab of paint out of place. So we run a straight line of masking tape around the inside of every cabinet, to ensure our work passes muster under scrutiny.

Why sand paint between coats?

When painting woodwork, we always sand down between coats, it is part of our general working practice, and you should expect nothing less from a professional decorator. Sanding down creates a hard, smooth surface.

Again, the attention to detail is magnified when sanding down paint on a kitchen cabinet door. So we use our finest abrasives and check and double-check every corner and profile, run our fingers over every surface, striving to find every blemish.

Why do we fixate on cleanliness?

It goes without saying that we respect our clients’ homes at all times, so we sheet up floors and worktops, use dust-free sanders wherever possible, take care with ladders and keep our work areas tidy. From our point of view, this approach is also vitally important to us, too, because a clean work environment ensures the best result.

As our previous clients have noted, a beautiful hand-painted kitchen is the result of clean working areas, meticulous sanding, masking and highest quality working practices from start to finish. If you are thinking of upgrading your current kitchen and are considering a hand-painted finish, please contact Greg for a no-obligation discussion.

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