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Rosewood Hotel, High Holborn, Decorators London WC1

Hotel Decorators London WC1

As the leading hotel central London painters and decorators contractors, GS Decorating completed a decoration package for The Rosewood Hotel, in High Holburn. Our skilled painters and decorators London WC1 completed the project in January 2014, giving the hotel a new first class, five-star, paint job.

GS Decorating, one of London’s leading high-end hotel painting and decorating contractors, we cover all the decorating needs for Central and Greater London’s Five Star hotels like The Rosewood. So if you are a chain, independent or a main contractor currently building a hotel and looking for top-notch decorators London WC1, you can contact us here with any questions you may have. We can supply free estimates from drawings, bills of quantities or site visits. Or call us on the number below.

Rosewood Hotel

However, The Rosewood is a gorgeous Five Star hotel, and one of the most expensive in London, with over 300 guest rooms. This project was a mammoth undertaking, especially when negotiating and problem solving the work of the main contractor who, at times, made the job a little difficult.

How wonderful to work on the interior of The Rosewood Hotel, designed by H. Percy Monckton, in an exuberant Edwardian style. It was a privilege and hour to work on such a beautiful building. This amazing hotel at 252 High Holborn, was built in 1912, with the 1st phase finished in 1914. It was then built in four subsequent stages over the next 50 years. Where interestingly it was the headquarters for the Pearl Assurance Company for a certain time in its history.

The subsequent transformation of this historic building from Imperial-era offices into a London luxury hotel was carried out under the guidance of English Heritage, which lists the principal facades, as well as the interiors of the former East and West Banking Halls (now Holborn Dining Room and the Bar, respectively) and the Grand Staircase as the hotel’s significant heritage features.

GS Decorating finished each floor in extraordinarily fast times, which was an amazing feat, as each trade worked on top of each other, decorating walls before they had even been put up! However, when the client is looking for a ive star finish, any hotel decorator is throughly professional and makes sure everything goes to plan.

The specification for the project was mainly Dulux paints, emulsion and water based satin.

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