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Here at GSD we undertake all forms for specialist painting and decorating having worked on some of London’s most prestigious buildings.

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Specialist Decorating Services

Specialist Decorators London: We also offer a whole host of specialist finishes as a service to main contractors, architects, interiors designers, property owners, building managers. Our specialist decorators in London can help transform your build, adding a truly unique and totally individual touch.

We can create custom office wall art, paint large murals, trompe l’oeil, apply gold and silver leaf, create marble & wood grain paint effects and much more.

We work in trendy modern London offices, grade listed property, high-end homes, public arenas, anywhere that needs a specialist paint application.

We can achieve any finish you require for your interior project. Our team of specialist painters and decorators in London have years of training with all type of Faux Finishes. Are you looking to recreate a marble effect? Gold or Silver Leaf? Have a custom hand-painted mural for your home, office or project.

If so, why not give us a call to see if we can help? Here at GSD Painting and Decorating, we have a long-standing history services clients throughout London, UK and further. Our network of Artisan specialist painters and decorators are here to help achieve only the best possible finish.

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Londons Number 1 Specialist Painters and Decorators

GSD London is accustomed to undertaking some of the most creative and specialist decorating projects in the city. From reinstating fine art murals at the Greenwich Naval museum to hand painting funky office logo designs in Shoreditch, we can do it all.

Our team of highly trained specialist painters and decorators in London can create any paint effect you can imagine. We work with our clients to realise their design brief, bringing to life specialist decoration projects with flair and panache.

We work with interior designers, office managers, creatives, event companies, design firms, architects and building contractors to deliver only the finest quality projects.

We can create large scale artworks for you building, office or public space, we can apply gold and silver leaf to you specialist decoration project, we can create marble or wood grain effects to your building. Whatever you need, we can do it. Give us a call or drop us an email to chat over your brief.

Specialist Painters And Decorators In London

Faux finishing is a term known to describe specialist paint finishes that mimic the style of natural materials such as wood, marble or stone. This effect can be applied over all manner of substrates from plaster walls, wood panelling and furniture.

Faux Finishing has been around for hundreds of years even back to troglodytes painting on their cave walls and the tombs of ancient Egypt.

The Faux Finishing style became increasingly popular in the renaissance period with specialist painters training for years to master the craft.

Marble paint effect was big in the 1980s with the grandiose style and rich embellishments of the era. It soon went out of fashion in the 1990s where a more plain basic style came back.

In modern times GSD service all manner of clientele with our Faux Finishes London Service. These range from hotel interiors, office receptions, restaurants, private clients, interior designers, architects or construction companies.

Faux finishes provide a cost-effective solution mimicking the finish of marble, wood or stone but at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Wall Art and Murals in London

The GSD team are well versed in creating custom wall art and murals in London for a wide array of clients. From private clients wanting something special in their home, interior designers looking to add something individual to a project to companies looking to create an impression with their office design.

We can paint logos, images, classic pictures and install wall art.

We undertake projects for national retail chains looking for funky art work to add to their window displays. We can create any image you desire to brighten up your office and inspire your staff and create a lasting impression with your clients.

We can jazz up your restaurant, bar or club walls to impress your customers.

Maybe you’re an event planner looking for an addition to stand out.

In other words, we can do pretty much anything you like from recreating an Andy Warhol to Leonardo da Vinci.

We have artistically trained specialist painters in London who can make your visions a reality.

Large Scale Specialist Decoration Projects

The GSD team are well set up to undertake large scale specialist decoration projects working on some of Londons most prestigious buildings. From museums in Greenwich, listed buildings in Central London, the embassy’s in Belgravia, member’s clubs in Pall Mall to high-end homes in West London we have worked on them all.

Our team of specialist decorators London can take on all manner of large scale specialist decorating projects working on behalf of end clients or main contractors alike.

We work on national heritage sites, some of Londons grandest building helping to restore classic period decorations to their former glory.

If you have a large specialist decorating project in London, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Gold and Silver Leaf Specialist London

Are you looking for a specialist painting and decorating contractor to undertake either gold or silver leaf finish. GSD are well verse and hand installing only the finest finishes, including using both gold and silver leaf.

Gilding is the placement of thin sheets of gold or silver leaf to a substrate to achieve a metallic metal finish. Normally applied to surfaces to pick out and embellish the surface.

We have applied gold and silver leaf to coffered ceilings, mouldings, cornices, panelling and a host of other properties features.

We have work in theatres in the centre of London, offices and homes in west London, classic listed buildings throughout the capital.

Gold and Silver leafing looks great in both period or modern buildings, so if you would like a gilding effect on your project, please give us a call.

Polished Plaster London

Polished plaster is suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. The big advantage of using polished plaster is that it breathes; allowing water vapour to permeate freely, so moisture evaporates quickly. Additionally, the colour is preserved thank to its natural oxide pigment system.
If you want a distinctive and perfected finished look to a wall or a ceiling, Polished Plaster is one of the best options available.

Polished plaster is the new modern favourite for many homes, offices and work/home spaces. Cost-effective and flexible you can put almost any colour to it. When used on floors mixing with cement is best and is extremely beautiful once burnished and sealed.
With a varied range of colour, you can choose the polished plaster that will match your decor.

There are 4 bases finishes which are elucidated, marmorino, textured and metallic.

Get your London property, home, apartment, office, block or building transformed by our high quality specialist painters and decorators in London