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As an established provider of quality painting and decorating work our comprehensive list of services apart from general commercial painting and decorating for the London market, are specialist first class finishes. Our reputation for exceptional results, professionalism and quality workmanship and our large client base reflects this.
Working alongside some of the biggest names in construction, contracting, project management and interior design our decorating team is one of the best in its field.

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What Is Marbling?

Marbling is an art. On domestic and commercial walls it is known as a faux finish. Marbling is a replica of a finish produced by specialist artists and craftsmen using specified colours in different types of paints engineered to create the impression of natural marble or other quarried rocks. The best marbling is intricate and detailed and has the same movement and depth that real marble conveys. This is achieved by shadows and highlights which are akin to painting portraits.


The techniques applied are reflective of murals painted during Ancient Rome and Italian masters during the Renaissance period. The artist must have real love and patience for the art as it is extremely time consuming. Marbling onsite also requires an excellent eye for the way light fills a room at varying times of the day so at no point will it look unrealistic. The best marbling effects will surprise you upon touch as you will expect the same sensation as you would touching actual marble but instead you will feel a warm flat surface as opposed to a cool ridged one.

Another technique is paper marbling in retro, contemporary and ultra modern designs onto varying types of paper or fabric to be transferred onto interior surfaces.

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