Things to know before starting to paint 1

Things to know before starting to paint

Summer is coming and you want to give a fresh look to your house by painting the walls? You’ll find here all the most important things to know before you start. First of all, get all your furnitures in the middle of the room, cover them and let’s go!

Does support will influence the paint choice?

It does. You’ll not use the same paint on walls, ceiling, wood or a kitchen. The difference between these paints is made regarding the impacts and pressure the support can suffer later as well as the actual state of the support.
Walls can be painted with multiple products: bright, mate or glossy finish.
Wooden furnitures, paint has to be resistant and thoroughly applied for a perfect finish. This kind of paint contain more solvant which create a protective film.
Ceilings are the most critical zones: they are exposed to the ligh, flooding risks. They need resistant products.

Which preparation before painting?

If the house is brand new, you don’t really need a specific preparation as they should be in perfect condiction. You’ll just need to take out the dust with a moisturized sponge.
If you need to paint on walls a little bit more damages, you need to start by clean the surface with washing powder, rinse it then let it dry.
If there is imperfections like holes or cracks, you can recap them with coat. Then you need to sand and take out the dust with a moisturized sponge.
If you ever paint directly above a wallpaper, do a test with the paint and see if the wallpaper start to unstuck.

Bright, mate or glossy paint?

Traditionnaly, mate finish is used for the surfaces less fragile and exposed as ceilings.
Glossy will be more used in principal living spaces as your living rooms, corridors and bright paints for wood and humid spaces as the kitchen and the bathroom.
However, this rule is not universal. For example if most of the time you use your microwave and induction hobs, you don’t really produce water vapour. In that case, you can paint your kitchen with a mate finish. If your ceiling is in perfect condition, why not choose a bright finish?
Before thinking of the design, what is the most important is for your room to be resistant to external shocks. Mate paints are the most porous. Therefore, the most sensible to impacts. The perfect alternative is the glossy paint.

One or two coat of paint?

It is always better to get two stove coating rather than an heavy one: it will be a better result.
The number of layers of paint you apply depend on: the paint covering quality (its thickness which is made by the proportion of water and pigments), the colour itself (brighter colours need two coating) and the compatibility of the support and the product.

Synthetic products work better together. For example, a paint in water phase will be easier to apply with a brush made of synthetic silk.
When you paint with a paint roller, this is the depth and lenght of the bruch bristles that will be decisive: the more bristles are long and thick, the more it apply paint on the surface. It would be good for a ceiling. However, to paint walls using short bristles brush will be more adapted as the paint will be more precise.