How to paint and decorate a commercial project in London

GSD stands out as the premier choice for commercial painting and decorating in London. With expertise in fit-outs, hotels, new builds, shop fit-outs, and restaurants, we deliver exceptional results.

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Commercial painting and decorating requires a whole host of skills that make it very different to domestic painting. As well as additional skills, painting and decorating contractors need additional knowledge when it comes to carrying out commercial projects. The health and safety requirements alone are much more than domestic decorators are used to. Commercial painters can be called upon for a host of different projects. Companies like ours at GSD have a wealth of experience and are able to deliver regardless of what the project involves. As high-end painters and decorators, we cover the whole of London and what’s to follow is a glimpse at the type of commercial projects that we take on.


Painting and decorating contractors are often called upon to assist with fit-outs. It is common that these apply to office buildings, warehouses, or other commercial premises. A fit-out is all about making a space fit for purpose. That means that commercial painters are not going to be the only ones working on the project. It is likely that there will be builders, electricians, and plumbers all trying to complete their part of the job. At GSD, we have great experience when it comes to fit-outs. Our commercial painting and decorating service works in such a way that we are able to collaborate with other trades and ensure that we can all work together without any delays. One of our recent projects shows how we can deliver for our customers and to work in such a way that there is minimal disruption.HotelsHotels are perhaps an obvious building type that uses commercial painting and decorating services. When it comes to completing hotel projects, commercial painters need to ensure that they are very clear on the brief. There are times when hotels just want a refresh whereas other times they want something completely different. While all hotels want the very best in work, the requirements of a budget hotel and a prestigious 5* one will differ. We have vast experience as painting and decorating contractors when it comes to hotels. We have carried out works for major chains as well as small independent hotels. One of our favourite projects saw us restoring a hotel to its Georgian glory by using high-end paints such as Farrow and Ball and Little Greene.

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New builds

Painting and decorating are in demand when it comes to new build houses. You can’t have failed to notice the timescales that developers work to. It seems that one day an area is flat yet the next a whole new housing estate has appeared. What can often frustrate developers is the time that it takes to get those finishing touches that really help to sell a property.

As commercial painters, we have used our experience with new build homes. Our quality of work means that developers achieve the final look that they were hoping for and also that the project gets completed within their timescales.

Shop fit-outs

Shop fits are another project where painting and decorating contractors are working against the clock. Once a business has secured retail premises, they need them open and up and running as soon as possible. A shop that is sat shut is one that is costing the owners money. Commercial painting and decorating often sees contractors working alongside other trades and this is the case with shop outfits. Each trade must plan with the other to ensure that the overall project is finished on time.

We have been involved with many shop fit-outs including for retailers of luxury goods in the affluent area of Mayfair. These projects see commercial painters sourcing the highest standard materials so that they can provide a truly superb and luxurious finish.


Commercial painting and decorating tasks are all time-sensitive. This is never truer than it is when it comes to restaurant projects. Restaurants are a great investment for their owners and this means that every day that the doors are shut money is being lost. Painting and decorating contractors need to have an understanding of this and ensure that they can turn around a job on time without jeopardising the quality.

Our experiences have seen us produce results that are of the highest quality possible. We strive to minimise disruption. If you choose to keep your restaurant open to clients during the day then we will come and carry out our works through the night. We will always be as flexible as possible and act in the best interests of your business.

What to look for in a commercial painter and decorator?

Commercial painting and decorating may be something that is offered by many companies, but this doesn’t always mean that they are the ideal choice. Painting and decorating contractors should be able to show you examples of their previous work. You should feel confident after a discussion with them about the most appropriate paints and other materials that should be used. They should be the experts and they should be able to guide you towards your vision.

A key skill that commercial painters need is communication. Of course, they need to be keeping you abreast of your project and when milestones are reached, but just as importantly they need to be able to communicate with other trades. Commercial projects see a host of trades working under the same roof and only by communicating and planning can all elements of a project be delivered on time.

GSD are the number one choice for commercial projects in London

At GSD, we are the experts when it comes to commercial painting and decorating. We have vast experience of working on an array of projects and we pride ourselves on the standards that we deliver. No matter how big or small your project may be, we are the company that can deliver.

We operate across the whole of London, so if you are in need of painting and decorating contractors, get in touch and let us show you exactly what we can do.

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