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As painters and decorators in North London we feel a little bit blessed. Our high-end painting and decorating see us travel the length and breadth of London, covering the north, the east, the south, and the west. The north has always held a special appeal though. It is somewhere that we have always enjoyed working and delivering our superb finishes.

What’s great about painting and decorating North London is that the area is such a mixed bag. There are Georgian and Victorian homes to admire alongside other striking architecture that must be amongst the best in Britain, if not the world. Painting companies North London really do have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an array of projects and add to the local area.

The draw of North London

As painting contractors North London, you can probably imagine that we have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to this area. Now, we are not quite on par with the taxi drivers, but we certainly know our way around and know what this area of London has to offer. Here’s a look at some of our North London highlights:

Camden Town

You’ll find most painters and decorators in North London shortening this to Camden, but we like to refer to it by its full name! Camden Town is a great area of North London and one that we love working in. Here are some of Camden Town’s highlights:

Camden Market

You simply can’t visit Camden Town without heading over to Camden Market. The market is actually a collection of markets that interlink and offer one of the best shopping experiences that there is. You’ll find quirky clothes along with cool accessories and experience what North London is all about.

Regents Canal

Although this canal runs through various areas in North London, it is in Camden Town where you can find what is referred to as Little Venice. Being in this relaxing environment makes it hard to believe that you are so close to the hustle and bustle that the rest of North London offers.

Cecil Sharp House

Painting companies North London would enjoy being tasked with this building as a project. Famous for folk music, it was built in the 1930s and even now is known as one of the best live music venues in London.


This is another area that painting companies North London love to work in. There is such a great mix when it comes to architecture and styles that projects here can make a refreshing change from some of those that are encountered elsewhere. Here are a few things that make Islington so great:

Upper Street

If you’re a bit of a foodie then you are sure to love Upper Street. What you’ll find here is a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars that offer something for all tastes. Alongside these are period homes such as Georgian terraces and Victorian Villas that have access to delightful private gardens.


When you hear about theatre and London, it is automatic to think about the West End. North London also has a lot to offer. In Islington, you will find fringe theatres along with the King’s Head which is the oldest theatre pub in the country.

Finsbury Park

What makes Finsbury Park so exciting for painters and decorators North London is the £25 million regeneration fund. This means that there is so much going on in the area and so many opportunities to add to what is already great. Here are some of our favourite Finsbury Park features:

Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park is based around the park itself. What makes this park so great is the music scene that it embraces. Visiting Finsbury Park can see you enjoying concerts from some of the biggest names in music from around the world.

Emirates Stadium

The home of Arsenal Football Club is just a stone’s throw away from the area. We had the privilege of working at Chelsea FC and we would be honoured to have the opportunity to ply our trade here too. Even if you’re not an Arsenal fan yourself, the sheer size of the stadium is breathtaking.

Woodberry Wetlands

As painting contractors North London, this is a place where we couldn’t really add to! What Woodberry Wetlands offers is a break from city life with a stroll around a nature reserve. The chance to spot wildlife and enjoy the fresh air makes the rest of London seem a million miles away.

The ultimate North London project

As painters and decorators in North London, we already have vast experience when it comes to projects involving properties of historical importance. We have added our touch and care to grade II listed buildings and enjoyed restoring and bringing them back to life. The joy that such jobs bring means that there is one project which would be a dream come true – Alexandra Palace.

This grade II listed building was built in 1873 and became known as the ‘people’s palace’. With much of the interior damaged by fire, there have been extensive restorations made to the east wing. With our passion for North London, it would be great to bring the rest of this magnificent structure back to life. Who can fail to be impressed by the stunning Victorian architecture with its Italian inspired lofty windows?

Finding the best painters and decorators in North London

At GSD we certainly have a love for all that North London has to offer. Beyond this, we also have the skills and expertise that are needed to deliver. A look at our most recent projects will show you exactly what we are capable of and will let you see why we are trusted with the most prestigious buildings across North London and beyond.

If you are looking for high-end painters and decorators in North London, make now the time to get in touch. Talk to our team and you’ll soon see why we are the number one company in North London.

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