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As professional painters and decorators North London go, we have to say that we’re a lucky bunch: based in the most amazing city in the world, let alone the UK. From North to South, from East to West, we get to see all that London has to offer, and there’s nothing about it that we don’t love.

With North London in particular, we have to say that this is an area of London that we hold a special affection for. Perhaps known for the fantastic nightlife, and the fact that Camden and Islington have more bars per square mile than South London, there is so much more to North London than a good night out.

A little background on North London

Before we dive in and let you know about all of the great places to visit and things to do in North London, we’d like to spend a moment to share a little of the area’s background.

Although officially the area is undefined, most people will say that North London is, perhaps unsurprisingly, north of the River Thames. It runs from Clerkenwell to Finsbury on the edge of the City of London’s financial district.

The area was not one that was quick to grow in popularity due to marshy ground and the poor connection of roads (who’d have thought travel was an issue in North London even back in the 19th century?!), but this changed with the arrival of Regents Canal and St Pancras.

What is there to see and do in North London?

With 2 Premiership football clubs, some amazing nights out, and an array of tourist attractions, we have little chance of covering all that North London has to offer here. What we can do is take a look at a selection of the best that North London has to offer:

London Zoo

The zoo of all zoos. Not just the best zoo in the UK but, arguably, the best zoo in the world. Set in Regents Park, London Zoo has been host to some of the most magnificent and exotic animals since the reign of Queen Victoria.

Opening on 24th April 1828, London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Whether you’re seeking an encounter with a mighty lion or you are intrigued by all that spiders have to offer (in which case we have serious concerns for you!) or anything in between, London Zoo has it all.

Emirates Stadium

Now we’re not going to be torn between North London rivalries, so we’d like to point out that White Hart Lane is equally worth a visit too! What we’d like to point out though is that Arsenal has been in top-flight football for over 100 years now and so this is the side we fell on (not that we’re taking sides of course).

At the Emirates Stadium, there is the chance to tour the stadium as well as the museum tour meaning as well as seeing some silverware you can learn a little about how this club has remained so competitive for so long.

Abbey Road

What can we say about this one? In the borough of Camden sits the most famous recording studio of all time. Of course, it will forever be synonymous with The Beatles and ‘that’ album, but more recently the studio has been used by the likes of Adele and Kayne West.

For us, though it is all about John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Although there are no official tours of the studio, who can resist a photo recreating that iconic album cover from April 1969? The studio and even the zebra crossing now have Grade II listed status thanks to the Fab Four.

Highgate Cemetery

Okay, we get that this one may come as a bit of a surprise: are we really advocating the final resting place of some 170,000 as a great day out? Although it is somewhat chaotic and overgrown, a visit to Highgate is truly awe-inspiring.

One of seven great Victorian cemeteries, it fell into repair in the 1970s but has since been rescued and is a popular tourist destination being the resting place of Douglas Adams (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), Christina Rossetti, and Karl Marx.

What’s on in North London?

If attractions aren’t enough to keep your days filled, you’re sure to find something going on in North London to captivate you. Here’s a quick look at the top 3:

1) Union Chapel

Experience a gig with a difference: for one, it’s in broad daylight and secondly, it takes place in a 19th-century gothic church. Situated in Islington, Union Chapel has a programme full of music, comedy, and an array of special events.

Still not sold? You can drop in any Saturday afternoon and as well as great entertainment, you’ll experience a truly amazing atmosphere while surrounded by stunning architecture.

2) Enfield Festivals

A hub of sporting activities and cultural events, Enfield Festivals are run by locals for locals. Offering large scale events such as the Enfield Christmas Parade of Lights and Summers 51st State, there are also performances by orchestras as well as screenings of independent films.

In times when perhaps we should all be looking out for each other, Enfield Festivals serve as a great reminder of what communities should be.

3) Alfies Antique Market

This isn’t just another antique market: this is London’s biggest and best indoor antique market. Sprawling over 4 floors, this market attracts around 100 dealers selling a range of wares. From antique jewellery to vintage fashion and from ceramics to glassware, Alfies has it all.

The fact that this antique market attracts visitors from all over the world shows the appeal of this event and that appeal shows no sign of diminishing since it started back in 1976.
North London, as well as London as a whole, is an area that GSD is proud to serve: with great events, amazing days out, and a true sense of community, North London

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