Company Director

Greg Clark

As the director of GSD Painting and Decorating, I oversee the operations, marketing, and sales of the company, which provides high-quality painting and decorating services to commercial clients across London. I am responsible for developing and maintaining key accounts, managing customer relationships, and ensuring the delivery of projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards. I have helped the company grow its revenue, reputation, and customer base, and achieve multiple accreditations and certifications.

About Greg Clark

Greg departed from Leeds University in 2000 and was keenly aware of his entrepreneurial calling. Transitioning directly from university life, he started on the journey of establishing his first company, Freezedried. The company specialised in events, web design for music brands, festivals, and physical stores.

In the latter part of the 2000s, Greg ventured into property investment, building a portfolio of buy-to-let properties. It was during this period that the initial concept of GSDecorating took shape.

Throughout the subsequent years, Greg encountered the challenges of several significant main contractor administrations, particularly during the banking collapse. Undeterred, Greg continued developing GSD, rebuilding the company from the ground up twice in the aftermath of main contractor administrations. Each instance served as a valuable lesson, allowing him to accumulate knowledge and fortify GSD on robust foundations, enabling the company to thrive in the industry.

In his capacity as the strategic director of GSD, Greg oversees the implementation of key directives and initiatives, guiding the company towards continued growth and sustained success.

Beyond the realm of work, Greg is devoted to his young family and finds fulfilment in pursuing his passions for jiu-jitsu and music.

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