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Transform your office with colour psychology, framed art, and brand logos. Consider second-hand furniture, efficient lighting, organized filing systems, and refreshing plants for a productive workspace.

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If you’re thinking about decorating your office, there are several important things to consider. Because this is the place where you will be making the decisions that dictate your company, it should be a reflection of the kind of ideals that your customers are expecting. This involves several things, for example, colour and design, but also creating a space that displays the image of an effective and functional office. This means having things well placed and organised. Have a scroll through our tips on decorating your office to produce an organised and appealing office space.


Paint is obviously an essential feature when decorating your office. Adding a splash of colour can really inspire the creative mind, as shown by our article on paint colour psychology, however, you should be careful to create the kind of environment that your clients will be expecting. For example, if your line of work is a little more conservative, such as in banking or finance, it might be a good idea to opt for more neutral tones. However, if you work in a creative space, such as in a photographic studio or warehouse, there is a lot more room to be imaginative. Regardless of the sector, ensure that you redo the space to make it your own, rather than merely setting for whatever is already there.

As well as giving your office a splash of colour, another tip on decorating your office space for London painters and decorators is by using framed posters or art pieces. To create a little more individuality to space, you could even rent the space out to local artists so that they can showcase their work. This will bring in more revenue, whilst also supporting the local community by giving them a chance to promote their work, and encouraging creativity in yourself and your colleagues

You might also consider decorating your office space using your brand logo as part of the decor. This creates an air of professionalism, and will also make it more likely that potential clients will remember your brand, after observing the logo during their visit to your office.


The type of furniture that you decide to use when North London Painters and decorators are decorating your office can really say a lot about the company. Similarly to the presentation of the wall decoration, if you are trying to convince a client of your commitment and efficiency, this message will not be conveyed if the furniture is old and tatty. However, office furniture can be very expensive, particularly if you wish to acquire a set. To reduce the cost, it is a brilliant idea to use second hand, refurbished furniture. This will be inexpensive and also a lot greener than buying brand new furniture.

Another option might be to acquire the furniture a few pieces at a time, rather than as a set. This way, you can buy as much as you can as, and when you have the money as collectively, individual pieces will usually be less expensive than buying furniture as a set. If you desire a perfectly sleek look for your office space, this may not be the best idea, especially as it means decorating your office over time, rather than all at once, and each piece may look a little different. However, as long as they are similar, most clients will not usually pay enough attention to notice.

Alternatively, you could also buy the home staging furniture that is used by real estates to dress up the houses and office spaces that they sell. This furniture is typically used a couple of times before it is sold on at a steeply discounted price, so will be in very good condition and could potentially save you thousands when decorating your office. If this is something that you are considering, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals can put you in touch with stagers in your area.

The types of lamps that you use are also an important piece of furniture to consider when decorating your office. Lighting can make a real change to the atmosphere in a room, and while it is preferable to have access to some natural light during the day, during the evening, you should have lights that are bright enough to help your coworkers stay focused without being too harsh. Different types of lamps can also be aesthetically pleasing, so be sure not to skim over this potentially nice asset when decorating your office space.


This is one of the most important features of an office as it will ensure organisation and productivity. If you are decorating your office, it is a good idea to go through any old filing systems and to recycle any old paper work that you know you will no longer need. This will reduce clutter and create more space for the future if this task appears a bit intimating, rather than completing it all at once you could start by doing a little every day to make the job more manageable.

If there are certain files that you know you are going to use very often, why not also have a miniature filing system on your desk so that they are readily available when you need them.

As well as using a filing system to organise your paperwork, it is also a brilliant idea when you’re decorating your office to organise any other clutter such as stationary so that it can be easily accessed and does not affect the look of the office. Creating dedicated storage areas for common items will also improve the efficiency of your office, for example, keeping your files and archives in one area and putting your copier, printer, and fax machine in another. As the best painters and decorators in London, GSD is always helping commercial clients redecorate their offices.


There are a vast number of positive aspects of having plants in the workplace, so they are a brilliant addition to think about when decorating your office. To find out more, have a read of our article ‘Growing plants in the workplace’.

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