How restaurant ambience affects the bottom line

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As a restaurant owner, you probably do not want anything more than your restaurant is crowded and profitable. But how to achieve that. There are a number of factors that affect whether or not your customers come to your restaurant, as well as whether they return after having experienced at your place. The way you decorate your restaurant and the ambience is a factor often overlooked. A study has shown that ambience can dramatically impact your customer’s decisions in many unexpected ways. It can affect the customers speed of eating, the food they choose, the feelings of them, and whether or not they want to come back. If given the proper attention, the factors below will help your restaurant score some points in the eyes of customers.

1. Interior Design

When entering the restaurant, the first impression of customers is the interior design rather than food or attractive drinks. Therefore, to make the first impression and mark in the heart of customers, the restaurant interior design should be considered carefully.

Colour scheme

You should choose the appropriate colour tone to create a good impression and make customers feel comfortable and enjoyable when using your services. Restaurants are recommended to use colours as red, orange because they have the ability to stimulate taste, create an appetite for customers. Organic food or vegetarian restaurants should choose green in combination with wood tones to create a connection between the colour and foods. Because green often lets us think about nature and purity. You shouldn’t go with blue or purple as the main colour, why? Simply because blue does not create feelings of hunger, but make your customers thirsty instead.

However, no rules could apply to all places, some restaurants can go against these principles and achieve great success. Choosing the colour that matches your theme and goals is an important step to creating the atmosphere for your restaurant, thus attracting your target customers.


Most of the business owners when designing their restaurant just focus on aesthetics but forget about the space. You need to arrange your seat plan flexible so that it could even fit into a large group of guests. Customers can go to your store to enjoy the menu items, but they will also be hoping to enjoy the food in a comfortable space.


You can choose the colour and style of the design according to your taste, but you need to consider carefully when choosing to light. The lighting you choose for the restaurant can create a whole new atmosphere. For example, you can choose bright neutral lighting to make your restaurant bright and airy. In addition, you can choose the warm lighting that hangs on the proposed positions of individuals to add romantic elements to the dining experience of the customer.

2. Staff

All employees from the manager to the staff who provide direct service to the customer, all they do and what they say affect the customer’s perception of your service. The staffs represent the business and directly influences customer satisfaction. No matter how good the restaurant but if the workforce is weak and unqualified, it does not guarantee the quality of service. Therefore, the quality of the labour force greatly affects the quality of service.

As high-quality decorators in West London GSD often redecorate many restaurants. Please give us a call if you are looking to redecorate yours.

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