Painting And Decorating Ideas For A Small Living Space

Maximise the charm of small living rooms with expert painting and decorating tips. Embrace mirrors, house plants, and strategic furniture arrangements for a cosy feel.

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The term “living room” has been extensively used to describe a room in your house meant for all kinds of general social activities. Although similar, a living room is different from a sitting room in size, functionality, and layout. Your living room can be used for talking, reading, watching television, and entertaining guests. It can be described as a modern modification to the old-fashioned parlor in a house. However, not all living rooms can be large and spacious. Decorating smaller living spaces can be a challenge in more than one way. Owing to the lack of square footage, decorating mistakes can be common for such spaces. On the other hand, the right painting and decorating services can turn these small living rooms into well-designed coziness for your family.

Design Tips For Improvement

A huge section of the population thinks comfort is all about living in a big house with spacious rooms. On the contrary, smaller rooms can be comfortable enough to live in as well. But this does not mean living with a cramped or restricted feeling. Below, we list a few useful tips that will help you paint and decorate small living rooms to make them look bigger, brighter, and better.

Though an old trick of the trade, it still does the job well. Adding mirrors into living spaces can create the illusion of largeness with minimum effort. Go for oversized mirrors to completely cover one wall for smaller rooms to enhance this effect. As an instance, mirrors near a window can give an impression that the space extends further into the room. Another benefit of adding mirrors is the uniform distribution of light within a small space through reflection. Darker rooms can be better illuminated around the corners this way.

A seamless transition to the outside is one great way to decorate small living spaces. This means you should mirror what is outside your home in the inside too. By doing so, you can immediately make smaller rooms feel more spacious. One easy way to achieve this is by bringing in some house plants. Due to the general calm they provide inside a house, this particular technique is quite popular. Arranging groups of small plants with varying heights can create an illusion of abundant greenery inside. Natural toned colors like deep greens or yellows can also help you stick to the theme.

One proven way to give your smaller living space a tall and thin look is by painting vertical stripes on the walls. This one suggestion is highly recommended by most design experts. Stripes can be done using two or more colors as required. But the main idea is to make the ceiling look taller, giving the entire space around a bigger feel. Multiple colors are more suited if you want further depth for your space.

Purposeful placement of furniture and objects can create a calm and balanced look in small living areas. Such symmetry is naturally organized for calmness to the eyes. It can greatly help to optimize limited available floor space as well. Creating symmetry should start with a focal point fixed in the middle of your living space. This can be done using a coffee table, house plant, or anything similar. Now you can arrange furniture and other objects either diagonally or parallel to this point and one another. But be careful not to stack too many objects on one side to maintain symmetry and a balanced feel.

Lighting for a space mostly defines the correct selection of colors for the same. Done right, even dark colors can make a small living space look awesome. It’s always playing with the light that can make a dark space feel lighter. If you feel the light being insufficient, try adding extra fixtures that might compliment the overall aesthetics. Smaller spaces can be safe in such terms, needing less struggle. Mirrors can work wonders by reflecting light into darker corners of your living space too.

Challenges While Decorating A Small Living Space

Let us see what challenges you might face to paint and decorate your small living room in the right way:

If you have a smaller living space to contend with, make the most of these clever tips to transform it into a bright and comfortable one for you and your family. Try getting expert opinions for color and furniture from professionals. Filling your limited living space to your heart’s content might not be possible, but that is not even necessary for most. So plan strategically and make your living area worth the effort. For further suggestions on decorating your living room right, please visit us at

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