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As high-end painters and decorators based in the heart of West London, it is an area that we have a real passion for. Aside from our work in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, and beyond, we have a love for everything that is West London.

From sight-seeing to premier league football. From the world’s greatest museums to the hustle and bustle of markets, West London has something for everyone. We’d like to share what makes West London great for locals and tourists alike.

Where is West London?

Before we share all of the amazing places that we love in West London, it’s worth having a quick look at where West London actually is and what led to it developing into the area that we know and love today.
A peculiarity with West London is that not everyone actually agrees with where it is and which boroughs of London it covers. It is generally accepted that it lies north of the River Thames and runs to its centre at the heart of Westminster and the West End.

The area emerged back in the 7th Century following the construction of Westminster Abbey in what was then known as Thorney Island. West London expanded rapidly in Victorian times and quickly became an area for the rich and elite, mainly because being in West London mean that they were upwind from the smoke coming out of the crowded city!

What is there to see and do in West London?

The quick answer is, a lot! In fact, there is far too much for us to cover here, but let’s have a look at some of the most famous attractions and best days out that West London has to offer:

Westminster Abbey

Perhaps the most famous church in the world, Westminster Abbey is an iconic attraction in West London. With over 1000 years worth of history, this is the church where every monarch since William the Conqueror has been coronated.

With tours being open to the public, this is one West London landmark that you really don’t want to miss. Steeped in history and the resting place of kings and queens, great musicians and poets, as well as politicians, it has also seen its fair share of royal weddings. In recent history, it was also the wedding venue for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Stamford Bridge

What visit to West London would be complete without a visit to one of the greatest football clubs on earth? With Stamford Bridge being the home to the 2017 Premier League winners, Chelsea, it’s not just the silverware that’s worth a look. The stadium itself is one of the oldest in the country, being constructed in 1877 and becoming the home of the then newly formed Chelsea FC in 1905.

To us, after the work we carried out for Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge will always be a special West London landmark.

Richmond Park

West London is proud to boast the largest royal park in London in the form of Richmond Park. Dating back to King Edward (1272-1307), it was named Richmond Park during the reign of Henry VII. Used as a deer park by Charles I, it is amazing that so close to the hustle and bustle of West London, you can still see deers wander freely.

Richmond Park also has buildings of historical and architectural importance as well as providing for activities such as fishing, cycling, and golf (having its own golf course). Richmond Park is a truly picturesque part of West London and somewhere well worth a look.

Museums in West London

West London is something a little special where museums are concerned. With around 167 of them plus art galleries to boot, it’s not just a day out to take it all in! Now you may be worrying that we’re about to list all 167 of them now, but have no fear, we haven’t got time for that either.

Must-see museums while in West London are the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert. Once you are in West London yourself though, you’ll soon realise that taking the time to visit these 3 will leave you wanting to come back for more. The wide variety of museums available means that there will be someone to suit every interest.

What’s on in West London

It’s not just about famous locations in West London: there is always something going on and something that you’ll want to be part of. Here’s the top 3 that we love:

1) Notting Hill Festival
An annual event in West London since 1966, the Notting Hill Festival takes place over 2 days in August every year. With over 2.5 million attending this West London event, it is one of the largest street festivals in the world.

Being a festival organised by the British West Indian community, the streets are alive with calypso music, elaborate floats, and equally elaborate costumes. This is a festival that no TV coverage can do justice: to fully appreciate exactly what the Notting Hill festival is, you need to be in West London and experience it for yourself.

2) Portobello Road Market
Held in West London’s trendy Notting Hill district, Portobello Road plays host to one of the world’s most famous markets. Originally a traditional market, it was in the 1940s that the Portobello Road market began to gain a reputation as the go-to place for antiques.

Antiques are now what Portobello is famous for. With the younger generation also showing an interest, the fashion scene has also taken off in this area, meaning it is vibrant and trendy.

3) The West End
When West London is mentioned, the West End can not be ignored: overflowing with tourist attractions, shops, and government buildings, it is also home to the highest level of entertainment.

West End theatre, alongside New York’s Broadway, is seen as the highest level of entertainment in the world. Perhaps best known for the array of musicals on offer, no visit to West London would be complete without taking in at least one show.

There is so much to see and do in West London then we have had time to cover here, but at GSD we hope that you can see why we are so passionate about this area of London and that maybe you will share in our passion.

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